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i heart growing weed

I heart growing weed

The reason this online seed bank is so good for the US is that they now have a California warehouse, which drastically reduces shipping time and eliminates the need to go through customs. Apart from that, the seed quality is excellent and is even backed with a germination guarantee.

All of that is true. They also have a lot of sales and great deals on their site and they offer free seeds with every order. At a minimum, they give you 5 free seeds.

ILGM has a smaller selection than many other seed banks, but the seeds they do offer extremely high quality. Robert is very careful in hand selecting the best strains. He also offers his own that you can’t find anywhere else, like the famous Bergman’s Gold Leaf strain (see below)

Currently, ILGM only ships to the US and Australia. They used to ship to more countries, so they may do so again in the future.

ILGM Vs Marijuana Seeds NL

That said, this store does have one major weakness. But for most people it will not be an issue.

It is this guarantee, along with the free shipping, that makes ILGM our preferred seed store for the US. But since they only ship to the US or to Australia, MSNL is a great alternative for any other countries. You can learn more in our full review of Marijuana Seeds NL.

Now I know every seed bank says they offer only the highest quality seeds. But only ILGM guarantees it. How? With their germination guarantee.

Great Website

Not many (if any) competing stores offer such a guarantee.

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ILGM has years of experience shipping seeds overseas. Even though they can now ship from within the US, they still use the same stealth methods to ensure no one will ever know that you are receiving seeds.

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