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hydroponic weed growing guide

Hydroponic weed growing guide

Year-round growing: Hydroponics systems can thrive in a variety of environments, but an indoor garden is especially desirable as you can grow your cannabis plants year round.

Water conservation: In rain-deprived places like California, water conservation is crucial. A hydroponics system may use 20 times less water than traditional soil cultivation. Water in this type of growing medium can be reused, meaning that none goes to waste.

Monitoring: Part of the time investment involves near-constant monitoring of the garden to ensure the health of the plants. If one cannabis plant in a hydroponics system becomes diseased, the entire crop may fail and die. Damaging microorganisms also thrive in wet environments and could threaten the health of the plants before harvest time.

Do hydroponic plants grow faster than soil-based plants?

For outdoor growing at home, a sunlit patio or deck make ideal locations. But if you live in a cold climate, it would be better to keep your hydroponic cannabis garden inside. Otherwise, the plants will be subjected to the elements and vital water could evaporate if you do not consistently monitor nutrient solution levels.

Space saving: A hydroponics system is a major space saver that may require 20% less room than soil cultivation.

Is growing hydroponic easy?

Besides the two most obvious benefits of a hydroponic garden (easier nutrient delivery and faster growth rate), there are several other advantages for cannabis cultivators to consider.

If the pros of hydroponics outweigh the cons, you may be ready to try your hand at employing this growing medium in your home.

Hydroponic weed growing guide

Coco fibre
Sometimes known as coco coir, this is made from the husk of a coconut. It’s a great grow medium, offering good water holding properties as well as excellent root aeration levels. Coconut fibres are also thought to protect cannabis roots from infection thanks to the presence of plant-stimulating hormones.

Rock wool
Sometimes this is called glass wool or mineral wool. It’s made by spinning (or drawing) molten minerals/rocks into a candy-floss texture. It is used for heat insulation, noise insulation and of course hydroponic cannabis growing. Rock wool holds large amounts of water as well as allowing good levels of oxygen penetration. Perfect for cannabis roots! Rock wool is often supplied in various sized cubes designed to fit directly into e.g. NFT hydroponic systems. Many DWC growers also use rock wool cubes in the plastic mesh plant holders.

Choosing the right grow medium

If you are new to hydroponic cannabis growing then it may be far simpler to buy an off-the-shelf system. You will have several different options to choose from and all of them should work well.

Indoor vs outdoor hydroponic growing

18 hours when lights are on. If you are doing flood and drain outdoors, the ‘day’ refers to the period when the sun is shining. If the night period is just 6 hours or so you may not need to flood.