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huckleberry soda seeds

Introducing Show & Tell by Annunaki Genetics…

Did someone request a shorter, better structured GGlue4 plant? …and you want it to be pink too, you say? You got it!

Show & Tell is more or less a shorter statured, more well-behaved, pink/red GGlue4 plant! The bud’s shape and structure are identical to GGlue4 AND that classic dank-onion-peppery aroma (so unique to GGlue4) was passed on to this cannabis variety as well. The colas are dense, heavy, and resinous, and certain phenos can turn a beautiful pink, purple, and bloody-red color with cooler temps. The effects lean toward a heavy indica-type experience with a full, and heavy body high that envelops your body within seconds. Great for soothing body and stomach aches or hangover type symptoms.

We are of course suckers for any vibrantly hued cannabis plants and have always dreamed of a colorful GGlue4, so, naturally, our first male to come to mind was our remarkable Huckleberry Soda stud. Considering how our past crosses turned out with him we speculated a near 100% chance this cross will result in lots of color! And sure enough, we accomplished what we were hoping for, and better than we had imagined!

As has been pointed out, Annunaki bx is your best bet for seeds. Much, if not most, of their catalog was built on BCS, so they know the strain extremely well. That said, it’s a cut that has been spread all over the PNW, and isn’t anything super hard to come by, so if you reach out to some folks up that way you shouldn’t have trouble getting a cut.

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Since this is now one of the sold-out strains; for similar terpenes I would try the awesome-looking Huckleberry Soda F2 or one of it’s luscious offspring. Huckleberry Soda has Black Cherry Soda as the dominate female in the cross.

I have heard this strain smells/tastes amazing but I can’t find any seeds for sale.

higher self

Yeah, but Cherry Sprite is itself a Black Cherry Soda cross so 75% of the offspring’s Genetics is coming from BCS, instead of 50% for a cross between BCS and an unrelated plant.

And yes a cross is your only option. BCS is a clone only and nobody knows the genetics behind it.


After about a 3 week cure I smoke tested the dense, sugary dank-a-licious flowers.
Dark fruit smells like blackberries, raisins, plums and dates comes to mind.
Peaceful, content and calm head effects. Very relaxed and heavy body! It actually felt like my body was all of a sudden sagging and melting, it made me sit down because I didn’t want to move at all. Just sit and marvel at the comfortable feeling.
The Black Cherry Soda female adds a really strong relaxing body effect so I really enjoy this after work or nighttime treat!

It’s a clone only variety.