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hps vs led growing weed

Hps vs led growing weed

………………..You buy an LED fixture and look at your warranty. It is 100,000 hours, the industry standard. Although your fixture was a lot more expensive up front compared to an HPS setup, here is why it is worth it.

*note: The numbers are based on a $1,500 LED fixture over a 100,000 hour warranty and a $200 HPS industry standard bulb over a two standard 3-month cannabis grow cycles.

Trial and Error: Many growers are willing to make the change, increasingly so as technology advances and fellow industry peers change their styles and systems.


……….An HPS fixture, bulb, and ballast has a lower start-up cost compared to the standard Full Spectrum LED fixture. All major grow rooms, greenhouses, and facilities need HVAC regardless of whether HPS or LED is used. The difference is in the size and usage of these auxiliary components. Upfront there is an investment, but these fixtures are going to last you a minimum of ten years versus having to buy two new bulbs for every fixture once a year.

Since the introduction of the Light Emitting Diode or LED in to grow technology, there has been arguments and aversion to the modern alternative.

LED: .015¢ per hour

………………………………….Quick Maths!:

This article was Authored by Illumenedge in Jan 2018. This is the year high-end LED’s advanced over HPS. The gap has only grown wider in 2020.

……..Arguably the most controversial topic (aside from iv. Quality), yield seems to be a factor that depends primarily on the grower’s abilities and knowledge rather than the type of light the plants are receiving. The HPS industry minimum would be approximately .5 or half a gram per watt used. That means one 1000W HPS fixture would produce a total of 500g per harvest, or just over a pound.

Hps vs led growing weed

5 Things LED Grow Lights Need to Fix to Take Over

This can be frustrating when you’re using an LED grow light and your plants aren’t doing well even though you’re following all the directions. Sometimes it’s just the light! If you want to try LED lights, make sure to check up on the reputation of the company first!

5.) Confusing Claims

Unfortunately, in order to fix the problem I would have needed to get a completely brand new LED panel. And although a lot of reputable LED grow light manufacturers will fix or replace broken lights if they’re still under warranty, the pain of having to send your grow light away for several weeks can have severe ramifications for your plants if it happens in the middle of a grow. At the time I ended up throwing the LED panel away and switching back to CFLs, which let me successfully finish my grow.