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how to stop weeds growing through decking

So, how can you avoid getting weeds under your deck and losing your cool in the summer? All you need to do is a bit of planning.

Another tip for anyone dealing with weeds already growing through decking is to get the decking taken up. It might not be possible and it is a much bigger project, but once the decking is up, you can follow the first steps above and tackle the problem much more efficiently. If this isn’t an option, check out our top 5 tips for effective weed control.

5 tips on how to stop weeds coming through your decking

A deck is a great place to relax with family and friends. But weeds coming through your decking will drive you nuts.

Overall, it’s worth remembering that weeds can be maddeningly persistent and even the most thorough planning can sometimes come up short. But the more you do and the more you invest, the better the results will be.

How to stop weeds growing through decking

From what I’ve read on weed killers, most of them don’t work well against grass, but I have read several suggestions on using Vinegar, which is much more friendly to the environment. I hope to raid a nearby supermarket later to try this out

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Just on the glyphosate vs vinegar question: acetic acid is a herbicide. Household vinegar is usually a fairly weak solution of acetic acid. Glyphosate is thought to be potentially carcinogenic but in tests it is LESS toxic to animals than acetic acid (less likely to kill you immediately if you drink a glass of it). Vinegar is less effective as a herbicide, therefore to get the same effect you will have to use more of it and anyway, it’s effectiveness against a perennial weed such as couch grass is doubtful. I don’t know whether vinegar or glyphosate is more harmful to bees and pollinators but to your soil and it’s ecosystem, by the time you’ve actually had an impact on the couch grass, the vinegar is likely to do more harm.

The weed killer was used as the garden was completely ‘reset’ last year. It was a complete removal of unkept raised beds with numerous bad plants in, and a plethora of weeds, old lumps of concrete patio/pathway, 10 different types of grass, and about a 12 inch slope taken out.

How to stop weeds growing through decking

Using salt or strong weed killer can harm the local wildlife, ruin your soil and could make your pet sick if they digest it.

Installing A Weed Barrier

Weeds can be an issue for garden decking if the installer did not take measures to avoid weeds growing through the decking boards.

Fitting Your Weed Barrier

The decking installer should have installed a breathable weed barrier straight under the decking.