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how to stop weeds growing around plants

How to stop weeds growing around plants

After a season or two of cover crops, you will be amazed how few weeds actually even appear in your garden.

Yes, it really is possible to eliminate weeds from constantly invading your vegetable garden!

Cover crops really help eliminate weeds over time by protecting bare soil over the late fall, winter and early spring months. See : Cover Crops and Weeds

From time to time a few weeds will start to pop up. We simply pull them up on our daily 5 minute trips through the garden. If needed, we then place a bit more mulch on top of the area for a thicker covering.

#4 Put Away That Hoe and Rake – How To Eliminate Weeds

It immediately looks great again and stays that way for weeks. It’s so much quicker and better than tilling up that soil between your rows. And it is a win-win with way less work for sure! See : How To Use Mulch In The Garden

And if you happen to till your soil when it’s too wet, and you’ll be left with an almost unworkable garden. So what is the answer? Well, they can all be found in the final 4 tips!

Here is a look at 5 simple tips and secrets that can set your garden on the path to a weed free existence. And create a happier gardener all spring, summer and fall long!

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With the walking rows permanently covered with a heavier mulch, the only area of concern for winter are the growing rows. And a cover crop is the perfect solution.

They have obvious benefits to helping your soils vitality, but cover crops also help to form a barrier for blowing seeds to enter and lie in wait.

How to stop weeds growing around plants

Some light passes through chunky mulches, and often you will discover—too late—that the mulch you used was laced with weed seeds. It’s important to replenish the mulch as needed to keep it about 2 inches deep (more than 3 inches deep can deprive soil of oxygen). In any case, you can set weeds way back by covering the soil’s surface with a light-blocking sheet of cardboard, newspaper, or biode­gradable fabric and then spreading prettier mulch over it.

1. Let sleeping weeds lie

In lawns, minimize soil disturbance by using a sharp knife with a narrow blade to slice through the roots of dandelions and other lawn weeds to sever their feed source rather than digging them out. Keep in mind that weed seeds can remain dormant for a long, long time.

Here are proven methods for controlling weeds in your garden

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