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how to stop weeds from growing through rocks

How to stop weeds from growing through rocks

Salt is not advisable as a weed killer because it can kill your existing bushes by changing your soil’s salinity. It can also prevent new shrubs from growing.

What To Do Before Laying

Plastic does not decompose quickly and can be heavy to remove. It can also be cumbersome to dispose of.


Landscaping rocks are commonly used as ground cover. Rocks for garden beds have many benefits, including reducing water use and the need to mow. The rocks also do not blow away like lightweight mulch and will not decompose. Rocks are also decorative and can improve the appearance of your garden beds. But, when weeds rear their ugly head, it can put a damper on your parade. Learn what to put under rocks to prevent weeds from infiltrating your garden!

How to stop weeds from growing through rocks

If your landscape rocks are already in place, you can help prevent new weeds from growing by treating and discarding existing weeds before they can drop seeds. If you pull weeds, make sure you get the root (wet them down first – it will make the job much easier).

Homeowners and residential architects make ample use of landscape rock today. Environmentally, it cuts down on water use and the need for mowing. Aesthetically, it creates a clean look that harmonizes with the natural landscapes of Northern Utah.

Whenever you can, try to avoid using toxic chemicals in your yard and garden. You can successfully banish weeds from landscaping rock by pulling them but who wants to mess with that?

How to Prevent Weeds from Growing in Existing Landscaping Rock

If you are preparing to put down landscaping rock, do yourself a favor and prepare the area appropriately.

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Instead, spray them with straight white vinegar. Be careful not to let the overspray reach your plants or grass, however, as it will kill them as well. You may want to use an electric trimmer or pruners to cut weeds low to the ground first, to make the treatment more effective.

How to Remove Weeds from Landscaping Rock

You can also use a preemergent weed killer, as long as you apply it carefully, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Landscaping rock has become a popular fixture in Northern Utah yards for both aesthetic and environmental reasons. But, once weeds pop up in your rock beds, that clean, architectural look quickly turns unsightly.