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how to set up a grow tent for weed

How to set up a grow tent for weed

Example of a cannabis plant in a grow tent

It’s important that there is an air-tight line from the carbon filter to the fan (without any air leaks) in order to prevent smells from escaping the tent!

Extra height lets you use more powerful lights and grow taller plants (with bigger, longer buds!)

How to set up a grow tent for weed

Although the vast majority of grow tents have predefined spaces, they allow you to customize the interior with all the necessary tools of the trade.

What’s the Best Size Grow Tent for Your Grow Tent Setup?

Building a dedicated grow room takes a considerable amount of time and money, whereas a grow tent is quick to assemble and affordable.

Why Opt for a Grow Tent Setup?

Instead, grow tents have multiple entrance points, usually one on each side. Some have even integrated window-like viewing areas that allow you to watch your garden without having to unzip the tent.