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how to make marijuana plants grow faster and bigger

How to make marijuana plants grow faster and bigger

When growing in soil, it is absolutely vital that the soil’s pH is at the right level. The pH level of the soil affects how cannabis plants absorb nutrients. So, regardless of whether you are providing your marijuana plants with the perfect amount of nutrients, having the soil’s pH at the wrong level can lead to nutrient deficiencies. For instance, marijuana plants don’t absorb magnesium well when the pH level is too low. If growing in soil, experienced cannabis growers recommend keeping the pH at around 6.0. Reduce the pH level to 5.5 if growing hydroponically.

If you are serious about growing marijuana, then cultivating it so it has large buds should be your top priority. Remember, large and healthy buds are filled with THC and other cannabinoid goodness. Therefore, if you want the most potent marijuana, large buds are a must. However, don’t assume that you can follow a simple guide and learn how to grow bigger buds quickly and easily.

When you increase the amount of phosphorus at the beginning of the flowering stage, it helps the buds fully develop and become denser. If you’re using soil as a growing medium, add a layer of worm castings or bat guano to boost the phosphorus levels. You can also add a compost tea mixture to the soil during flowering. This process increases mycelium in the soil, which ensures your plant absorbs a higher percentage of nutrients.

Carbon Dioxide

When plants don’t receive enough light, they fail to produce large buds. They may become tall and thin because they ‘reach’ to desperately find the light source. Poor lighting during the vegetative stage means your plants will grow uneven colas. From that point onward, it will become challenging to distribute the light evenly and effectively.

In simple terms, the bud is what pops out during the flowering phase. Experienced growers know that this is a big moment because it indicates that harvest time is just around the corner.

Harvest at the Right Time

The main issue is that males pollinate females when grown in proximity. When this happens, your females begin producing seeds and less THC. Most growers only use males to produce seeds and ensure they are kept well away from the females.

As you can see, growing bigger buds involves creating the ideal grow room conditions for your marijuana plants to flourish and thrive. If you want big buds and high yields, then every variable must be set to the optimal level. For example, when growing in soil or hydroponically, the pH must be at the correct level for the cannabis plants to absorb the nutrients. You must also provide your marijuana plants with the right nutrients at the right time, i.e., lots of nitrogen in the vegetative stage, more phosphorus at the beginning of the flowering stage, and higher potassium levels at the end.

How to make marijuana plants grow faster and bigger

Simply put: fixing a problem quickly equates to shorter time to harvest.

Many factors will affect the total time, but the average grow takes 3-4 months. Learn more about the marijuana growth timeline.

Give plants only 10 or 11 hours of light a day to get buds to mature faster

Also, check out my recent autoflower grow if you want to see autos in action…

5.) Grow Indoors

Growing method – differing grow methods/setups can add or subtract a few weeks or even months!

The vegetative stage can be shortened by getting the plant to grow faster when she's young. Yet the length of the flowering stage (the time between when flowers first start forming and when the plant is ready to harvest) is pretty much strain-specific.

In the vegetative stage, it is important that you give your plants the right nutrients needed to get optimal growth.

1.) Fewer Hours of Light Each Day in Flowering Stage

That means that once you've started flowering a specific strain, there isn't a whole lot good options to speed things up during the flowering stage.

However, some Sativa and Haze strains are from the equator, and they may not flower properly under a 12/12 light schedule. In that case, a grower can give a plant 10 or 11 hours instead of 12 hours of light a day, like a 11/13 or 10/14 schedule. This will cause the plant to finish flowering faster. In fact, this can be done to any strain to get it to finish flowering faster.

How to make marijuana plants grow faster and bigger

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Cannabis growth is made up of a series of stages that plants undergo during their lifecycle. Each stage during the cannabis cultivation process requires its own unique demands, including different levels of light, water, and nutrients.

The quality of your plant depends on your knowledge of the cannabis growth stages and the lifecycle of your plants.

How to tell if your plant is a male or female


It can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months to grow a cannabis plant, this varies based on where you’re growing. If you have an indoor grow room, your plant has the ability to flower after only a few weeks!

1. Germinating: 1-7 days
2. Seedling: 2-3 weeks
3. Vegetative: 2-8 weeks
4. Pre-Flowering: 1-2 weeks
5. Flowering: 6-8 weeks
6. Harvesting

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1. Germinating Seeds

Female: Two pistils (the pistil contains the reproductive parts of a flower) will be growing on the buds (flowers grow above these leaves, one cluster on each side).

Cannabis Growth Timeline