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how to make marijuana grow faster

How to make marijuana grow faster

For reference, you can expect to grow up to two ounces if you use a 200-watt CFL lamp in a standard grow cabinet measuring 3.5 x 1.5 x 6.5 feet. However, experienced growers may receive double the yield. If you use a 250-Watt HPS lamp in a room of the same size, you could get up to five ounces or double that amount if you have prior experience.

Growing marijuana at home is easier than ever. However, your plants still need plenty of TLC to produce healthy and potent buds. Follow the hacks above, and you’ll significantly increase your chances of producing a sizable yield.

In practice, novice growers encounter plenty of difficulties and often end up with substandard results. To get the most out of your harvest, you must identify the strains you want and understand the importance of growing enormous buds. If you didn’t know, a plant’s bud appears after the plant enters the flowering stage. While the female cannabis plant leaves contain small amounts of THC, the buds are significantly more potent.

4 – Lighting

If you want big buds, increase the lighting intensity and the level of CO2 your plants receive. The trouble with indoor growing is that the air tends to have lower CO2 levels than outdoors.

When applying nutrients, always begin slowly and give half the dose to see how your plants react.

A simple solution is to create a CO2 drip.

5 – Carbon Dioxide

This article provides you with five helpful tips to grow healthy buds.

Above all, make sure there is never more than an 18 degree Fahrenheit difference between day and night temperatures. For example, if the temperature is 72 degrees during the day, it should not go below 54 degrees at night. Also, use the lower end of the temperature scales above if you live in an area of high humidity.

How to make marijuana grow faster

The reason this stage can last indefinitely when growing indoors is that you are the one who provides the signal for your plants that it is time to start flowering.

You’ll notice many of them are autoflower strains. Autoflowers are always a good choice, if you are looking to reduce the overall time it takes to grow your weed. They start budding much faster.

Time Required: at least 3 weeks

The flowering (or bloom) stage begins when you switch your lights to a 12 hours on and 12 hours off schedule and continues until harvest. As mentioned, your plants will double in size during this stage of growth.

Outdoors, the shortening days tell the plants to begin flowering. Indoors, you shorten the amount of time you leave the lights on, going from 18 to 24 hours of daylight down to 12. Or, if you are using an unusual lighting schedule for vegging, like 6 hours on and 2 hours off, going from that to 12/12.

Minimize Vegging Time

If you are starting with clones, you don’t have to worry about germination, but you do need to get your clones to root, before they can start growing. This process usually takes 5 to 10 days. We have an entire article on getting your clones to root faster.