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how to make a grow room for weed

How to make a grow room for weed

At Wal-Mart, you can get an 82.5″ x 52″ emergency reflective blanket for around $1.50 on special offer. You can easily find hula hoops at the dollar store. So, in this scenario, you still pay less than $3! Having the ability to increase the bud yield on a single marijuana plant for that price is an excellent deal!

These are all fair enough questions. However, for a cheap $2 marijuana grow tent that increases your light efficiency by over 100%, beggars can’t be choosers.

Estimated Light Efficiency Increase with Mylar

Here is how the light compares with and without the Mylar at the three distances:

Does the Cheapest Marijuana Grow Tent Really Only Cost $2?

Regardless of whether you spend $2 or $200 on a grow tent, you need to understand the essential requirements. Cannabis grown indoors needs good seeds and a controlled environment. Here are the conditions you must control:

It includes nothing more than some cheap reflective emergency blanket material and a hula hoop from the dollar store. It will increase a good LED grow light’s efficiency (which we assume you already have) by over 100% depending on the distance from the plant.

All you need is a hula-hoop and reflective blanket material called Mylar. It was initially developed by NASA and is extremely reflective, ideal when trying to make the most out of your lighting. Make sure the hula hoop is large enough to fit around your light. This is because you’ll hang the Mylar from it, surround the light, and make it more efficient.

Too Good to be True?

In general, you can expect to pay a significant sum of money for a grow tent. For instance, a 3’ x 3’ tent may cost you around $200. It should enable you to fit approximately four plants. However, if you are stuck for cash, a couple of hundred dollars is a lot of money. You can get a full ounce of mid-shelf marijuana for that price in certain states!

If you would rather a written explanation of what is going on in the video below, here it is! The speaker seems hugely excited by what he is about to share. He credited a man named Cody from Nukeheads for this cool way to make a cheap tent. He says that you can create a grow tent for approximately $2 plus a few household items. Therefore, if you don’t have those things, it may cost you a few more dollars.

How to make a grow room for weed

Once you’ve set up your ventilation system and everything is in its place, you’ll need to add a carbon filter. You can do this when preparing the grow room or wait until your plants are flowering. It’s much easier to set it up at the start, although you’ll be using it more than you need to. If you wait until the flowering period the filter will last much longer.

One of the first steps of any grow step is making sure that everything is properly clean. This is done when growing using both grow tents and growing in a room – you need to clean the room and disinfect it before you can start growing your cannabis. We recommend using a product called Purolyt to clean your grow room.

Carbon Filter

For the best results, you should place the humidifier in the middle of the room alongside a fan, which helps to distribute humidity evenly. If you can, try and move it to the other side of your plants after a few hours in order to avoid the plants closest to it getting a bit too much humidity, which can end up causing fungi.

You may have other options though, depending on the size and set-up of your grow room. Most rooms used for growing only have one window, although if your room has a different set up, feel free to make your own extraction system, this is just the simplest set up.

How to Build a Grow Room | Deciding your set-up

When it comes to the inline fan, if you’re going to use one instead of just using a passive intake vent, it’ll need to be on the other side of the room in comparison to the extraction fan. You’ll need to place it down low. If possible try and use some sort of cushioned base to avoid the vibrations travelling through the floor.