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how to keep weeds from growing in pea gravel

How to keep weeds from growing in pea gravel

Remove the pea gravel with a shovel. Set it aside since you will put the pea gravel back later.

Pea gravel is a relatively maintenance-free landscaping material. When placed on the ground, however, weeds and grasses will eventually poke through. Left unattended, the weeds and grasses will, in time, cover the pea gravel. The key to creating a long-lasting pea gravel landscape is to prepare the ground underneath before laying the stones.

Smooth the area with a garden rake. Cover the dirt with a 3-inch layer of coarse mulch made from cedar or pine bark. Cover the mulch with a single layer of weed block fabric.

Turn the soil that was underneath the pea gravel with a garden fork. Don garden gloves, and pull out and discard all weeds from the tilled soil.

Ideally, your gravel area would have a weed barrier laid prior to laying the gravel. You can still push aside the gravel, lay a barrier (after eradicating the weeds with a chemical weed killer), and return the gravel to the driveway or like. Lots of work, but it will keep the weeds from growing in the gravel.

Also Know, does pea gravel prevent weeds? Pea gravel is often overlooked as mulch material around containers or garden plants: It suppresses weed growth, retains moisture, and doesn’t decompose like organic mulch.

How to keep weeds from growing in pea gravel

I have laid a lot of gravel driveways over the years. I know that weed barriers are not the answer to weed problems in gravel paths or driveways. Weed suppressant fabrics and plastic don’t work for the long-term.

Pros; simply use ordinary full strength vinegar, white is best, although any vinegar will work. Vinegar is effective and will kill the weeds, but does not discriminate so be sure not to spray it on or near plants you wish to keep.

The pros;

Do weed suppressant fabrics work? the pros and cons

The cons;

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More ways to keep gravel pathways and drives weed free

Cons; As I discovered years ago, spreading more small stones over the top of dirty gravel produces the perfect environment for weed seeds to germinate and thrive, also makes it even more difficult to pull them out.

I especially recommend this trowel for people with less natural gripping strength, and for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, see my article here about gardening with a disability .