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how to keep weeds from growing around trees

How to keep weeds from growing around trees

Plan on applying at least 3 inches of mulch to sufficiently prevent weeds. Apply the layer all around the base of the pine tree, but make sure to keep the mulch at least 6 to 12 inches away from the tree trunk. Mulches hold lots of moisture, and trees tend to have problems with diseases and insects when their trunks are consistently wet. Do not apply organic mulch over fabric mulch, because these mulches layered over each other can cause weeds to germinate.

Cultivation is the practice of weeding and tilling around the base of trees to get rid of unwanted weeds. Although cultivation can theoretically be used as a primary weed prevention method, many gardeners do not want to spend enough time cultivating to get rid of weeds with this method alone. Therefore, it is a good idea to cultivate an area before planting pine trees and before applying mulch around the bases of the trees. Gardeners should simply use a hoe or shallow tiller to remove weeds when the soil is moist after irrigation or rainfall.

Many gardeners dislike weeds growing around their pine trees. They make a yard look less cared for, and they can spread from the area beneath a pine tree to a nearby vegetable garden or landscape. Weeds also compete with trees for water and soil nutrients and can reduce the health and size of trees or other plants that they grow near. A combination of weeding and mulching is usually the best way to keep weeds from growing under pine trees. Herbicides are not recommended because some can harm pine trees can can be difficult to apply.

After removing weeds through cultivation, applying a layer of mulch works well to prevent more weeds from growing in the future. Mulch has an initial cost and takes some work to spread, but it does not require very much maintenance. Mulch also provides extra nutrients to the trees and helps the soil retain moisture.

Types of Mulch

An organic mulch, such as a mulch made from bark and fallen pine needles, works well to prevent weeds and return nutrients to the soil. Organic mulches may need to be reapplied about once per year, because they break down over time. Fabric mulches are a longer lasting option, and they can work for as long as 10 years. However, many gardeners find fabric mulches unattractive, and they also do not add nutrients to the soil like organic mulches do. The type of mulch to use around a pine tree is a matter of personal preference.

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How to keep weeds from growing around trees

If you want to have grass right up to the base of your tree, it is best to keep it well cut. Long grass creates a warm damp, humid environment which is great for pests and disease to live in that can be spread to your trees. The grass will also contribute greatly to the lack of water and nutrients available to trees. This can be quite simply strimmed down.

Chemical Control:
There are a few chemical weedkillers that can be used. A glyphosate weedkiller such as Round Up or Clinic can be very carefully used. This is a total weedkiller and will kill everything it touches, therefore care must be taken to apply it to only the weeds you want to kill and nothing else. Ideally it should be applied with a weed wiper so that the chemical can be accurately touched on selected foliage and not anywhere near tree bark or stems.

– Weed control fabric membrane

How To Prevent/Treat Weeds Around Trees

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