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how to keep weeds from growing along fence

How to keep weeds from growing along fence

Weeds are a nuisance and a pain to manage. If weeds are invading along a fence and the fence divides a property line, talk to your neighbor first to come up with a mutually agreed upon weed management program. This is especially necessary if you plan to use herbicides and your neighbor has ornamental plants or grass growing on the other side. Otherwise, choose one or more methods to kill and effectively keep weeds under control along a fence line.

Moisten the soil, if it is dry, with 1 inch of water a few hours before weeding. Then, carefully pull the weeds along the fence line to remove all the roots from the soil. You may need to go over to the other side of the fence to finish pulling weeds with long taproots, such as crabgrass.

Apply a non-selective herbicide, such as glyphosate, on the weeds to kill them. Carefully spray the product directly on the weeds or use a paintbrush to apply it. A ready-to-use product is easiest to use because it does not require dilution or a separate sprayer. If the product makes contact with desired plants, they will also die. Reapply the herbicide as necessary to keep the weeds under control. You can also use a selective herbicide for the type of weeds growing along the fence. Always read and adhere to the product label for specific use of any herbicide.

How to keep weeds from growing along fence

A weed barrier will block grass under fence. Instead of repeatedly trimming or spraying the grass, you can enjoy a tidy look with little effort for years. Though plastic and rubber barriers are available, bricks and plant borders are more environmentally friendly.

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Measure your fence to see how many plants you’ll need.

What You’ll Need To Keep Grass From Growing Under Your Fence By Planting Liriope Muscari As A Border

If the soil isn’t in the ideal pH range, amend it with your preferred method.


While fencing is great for privacy, they’re a pain when it comes to maintenance along the fence line. Sometimes installing a fence in The Woodlands is the only option, though (such as if you’re adding a pool to your yard). So how can you get the benefit of a private and/or more secure yard while keeping the maintenance low? Here are our tips for preventing the growth of weeds along the fence line:

Spray in the vicinity of the fence with a glyphosate-based herbicide, which is a non-selective chemical that poisons all weeds and grass. You might still see grass and vegetation growing along your fence area with this method, but it’s an easy way to rule out having to mow or trim around your fence post.

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