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how to grow your own weed in apartment

How to grow your own weed in apartment

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of all your options.

Now, you don’t need to tell them you are growing marijuana or anything, but a lot of landlords don’t want indoor growing of any kind.

All before lining your closet with reflective mylar or foil.

Closet vs. Grow Tent vs. Grow Box

Today, we’ll talk about the ways you can grow weed in an apartment, some tips on apartment growing and the rules you’ll have to work with.

These are inexpensive tents that you can set up in minutes.

Am I Allowed to Grow in my Apartment?

One thing I love about grow tents is they also are great at preventing light leaks.

Setting up in your closet will require a bit of work too.

Plants need 18 hours of light a day when in the vegetative stage and 12 hours a day when flowering. The reduction in light from 18 to 12 hours a day is what triggers the flowering cycle—when weed plants start to grow buds.

Indoor space

It’s a good idea to start small—the smaller the grow, the less expensive it is to set up. Newbie mistakes will be less costly if you only have a handful of plants. Additionally, most state laws only allow for growing six plants, but some allow up to 12.

Multiple harvests

For a root system to develop and thrive, they will need the following:

How to grow your own weed in apartment

1. Survey your home. In an optimal situation, you want the lab to be near a window or a place with a vent, like a laundry room. "This will give you a fresh air intake," Al said. Having your plants outside, like on a balcony, can be an issue because you're dealing with the elements and the possibility of neighbours spotting the plants.

8. Watering. Al believes in an "active method," so he suggests watering the plants every day.

9. pH balance is important and should be around 6.8, according to Al. To test this, once a week pour enough water in the pot so that some of it runs out the bottom. Catch the runoff and tests its pH using basic $10 kit—you add the water to a vial with a few drops of the test liquid and it changes colour to indicate the pH level.


My goal. Photo via Flickr user Mark.

"Back in the 80s it would have been a lot harder. You would have had to source info on creating your own mineral profile… Now the industry has afforded the layman the availability to skip all of that and you can get it all pre-packaged."

Just 10 easy steps to this. Photo via Flickr user Blind Nomad.

Last week, the courts made it legal for medical marijuana users in Canada to grow their own pot.