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how to grow white widow weed

How to grow white widow weed

Hopefully, this guide to growing White Widow will prove useful whether you grow it indoors or outside. When you optimize its growing conditions, its final THC content of around 25% provides you with a potent, pleasant high.

Pests are an issue with White Widow, whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. Aphids, mites, fungi, caterpillars, and whiteflies are the worst offenders. They are capable of causing significant damage to your crop. If you bring in White Widow plants from outside, make sure you use pyrethrum on every leaf before storing them in your growing room.

You can identify this strain by looking at its resinous buds. This is one of the main reasons why White Widow is so powerful.

There are a host of safe fungicides on the market that won’t expose your White Widow plants to nasty chemicals. Alternatively, you can try a homemade solution. We find that a combination of chili pepper powder and tobacco juice works wonders for handling mites. You can even mix soap and dish detergent to remove spiders. Typically, this solution breaks down into non-toxic elements within a week.

Final Thoughts on How to Grow White Widow Marijuana Strain

Your growing medium must have good drainage. If you usually water your plants once a week, for example, you can decrease it to every 3-5 days if your soil has good drainage. A good tip is to add perlite or lava rock to the medium, as this helps with drainage. Finally, please make sure that you stop feeding nutrients to your White Widow plants around two weeks before harvesting. Otherwise, your precious strain will taste like plant food!

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Make sure your plant receives more Nitrogen in the vegetative stage but reduce it in flowering. At that stage, plants need more Phosphorus and Potassium to help boost their THC content. Other essential nutrients include Sulfur, Magnesium, and Calcium. You must also add trace amounts of Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Iron, and Molybdenum.

White Widow Pests

White Widow is an indica-dominant (60%) hybrid with a THC content ranging from 18-25%. You can learn more when you look at the full profile of the strain on Green House Seeds produced it in the early 1990s. Soon, White Widow became the toast of the Amsterdam coffee-house scene.

When growing White Widow, please be aware that you can do it indoors or outdoors. If you are a home grower, you should start small and use five feminized White Widow seeds. The moist paper towel technique is probably the best way to germinate the seeds.

How to grow white widow weed

We’ve been developing this old-school autoflowering strain for some time and the results are amazing, you can expect to harvest up to 500gr/m2 of extremely dense silver coated buds in around 9 weeks from start to finish.

Ingemar’s version

If you have grown our White Widow before or are planning to and have any doubts, please leave a comment in the comment section below!

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In this stage of plant growth is when you should start the flushing process, if you wish to, you can use flushing products but using dechlorinated tap water works well too.