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how to grow weeds in gw2

How to grow weeds in gw2

Enter the mission and talk to the twins, Arlon and Pellam. They are expecting the Speaker to arrive and give them zalisco extract.

Rewards [ edit ]

Talking to NPCs:

In The Rootangle [ edit ]

Acquire the zalisco extract from the Hazupl hylek.

How to grow weeds in gw2

In addition to the seven Plant characters, 24 spawnable plants can be purchased and summoned in a variety of games. These plants are all AI (artificial intelligence) controlled, and can be used to hurt or heal.

Plant the stationary plants in pots during Garden Ops, and plant the mobile plants in dirt piles during Multiplayer games. The spawnable plants can be healed and vanquished like any other plant in the game but cannot be revived, so make sure you tend to them.

These plants can only be obtained through packs from the Sticker Shop. The cheapest pack will guarantee five consumable items, which may include spawnable plants.

How to grow weeds in gw2

The easiest character to use on the plant side.

His core power is to chomp up enemies instantly from behind, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Use the Spikeweed to ensnare enemies. Instead of using them in isolated areas, where it’s reduced to a stalling tactic, place them in more open areas. As your enemies dangle, your teammates can take advantage.

Without at least one Sunflower, defensive teams will slowly be overcome as they guard objectives, or they’ll run out of steam before they can take them on offense. Garden Warfare 2 allows for a small amount of natural health regeneration, but against an aggressive team, it won’t amount to much as constant fire stalls it. Use the Sunflower to heal faster than the game will.

Weapons and strategies

The Cactus is great on defense, to, thanks to the Tallnut Battlement power. Similar to the All-Star’s shield, it acts as an instant defense system in a pinch. In Garden Warfare 2 the Cactus is a tad less effective than it was in the original. Other classes now have scout potential, like Deadbeard’s parrot.

Aim his rocket carefully before it launches, or you’ll miss the target. His Matrix-esque high jump can be a really great escape tool if your enemy isn’t expecting it, but again, you need to line up your sights perfectly to really pull off the maximum amount of hits possible and ensure that your foe isn’t just going to readjust their aim and take you out when you fall.

The Chomper thrives in close quarters combat, and any time spent not engaging as a Chomper is wasted.


His morph ball gives him tons of mobility. His health pool and his shield (which can block fire for teammates as well, if they rally behind him) make him great for defense, too. His primary role is to serve as a tank or distraction.

Your main objective is to acquire a modest amount of coins to use for the first pack, Minions Booster, which contains offensive and defensive consumables.