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how to grow weed legally in canada

19 is the legal age to use, buy, grow or possess cannabis in Nova Scotia. If you’re under 19, you can be fined or face criminal charges.

You must be 19

The legalization of recreational cannabis has not changed the way medical patients access cannabis.

Keep it closed and out of reach in your car

Federal regulations for the legal sale and production of edible cannabis, extracts and topicals came into effect on October 17, 2019. Consumers should expect to see products on NSLC shelves beginning no earlier than mid-December 2019 due to Health Canada’s review process.

How to grow weed legally in canada

"Now they have cameras on the doors so people who go in and out are monitored.

"You have everybody from someone with immune system issues because they're undergoing chemo or HIV therapy … or a little kid with epilepsy," said Toms.

"You really want to set the bar to be appropriate so that when people consume this stuff it's consistent — it's not going to make them unwell because of something like mycotoxins, or microbial counts that are stupid, or chemical hazards."

The government is legitimizing a former black-market industry, and regulating a product that is not only widely consumed, but consumed by many vulnerable Canadians.

How long does the process take?

Every application is different. Simple amended applications, where medical grow-ops want to sell recreationally, could take three or four months. A brand new standard application could take as long as 18 months.

Shirley Toms, a regulatory consultant who works for Cannabis Compliance Inc., compares the process to a "4D matrix." Here's what's in that matrix:

The Liberal government recently announced its offering pardons for people with simple possession convictions, so this type of record could become less of a problem than one might think.

What do I need to do to get licensed?

If Yellowknife's Jordan Harker is successful in his quest to get a licence to produce cannabis, he'll become one of the first people to enter the industry in the Northwest Territories, if not the entire North.

"But if you have a record, that's going to be a glitch. They don't say that's an automatic barrier, but they say they're going to have to look at it on a case-by-case basis."