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how to grow weed in your wardrobe

There are basically three kinds of LED lights. These include purple LED lights, COB (Chip on Board), and Spread Style. For only growing weed in your closet at home, a purple light will be the best option. COB and Spread Style can be very pricey and are more geared towards professional growers. If you’re only growing weed for yourself, a purple light will do just fine. Many of these lights can be used for both the flowering and vegetative stages.

For example, while a hydroponic setup is the fastest way to grow your plants but it is also costly, and takes a lot of skill to master. If you’re unfamiliar with what hydroponics are, it is a system of horticulture where instead of growing a plant in soil, you feed the plants through a water solvent that the nutrients are dissolved into. We imagine most people doing this for the first time aren’t going to want to shell out the kind of money needed to buy a hydroponic system. Beginners are better off growing it in soil.

Growing cannabis outside is the norm. However, have you ever considered growing cannabis in a closet? Most pro growers think it’s impossible. If you are a cannabis grower, then you know that they need sufficient ventilation and a generous amount of light. Good air circulation is also essential to avoid temperature spikes and mold.


Obviously, if you’re the homeowner you’re good to go. As long as you’re not going around telling your entire neighborhood about it, then you should have nothing to worry about.

There are some really interesting companies that sell equipment for growing weed at home like However, the problem here is that the equipment can be very expensive.

Pest Control

You’ll need the following equipment to grow your weed affordably and get your closet up and running:

This process of growing weed is called a “closet grow”. This refers to a small space in a cupboard, closet or any wardrobe that has been altered and equipped with all the tools required for the cultivation of weed indoors.

How to grow weed in your wardrobe

Whether you use it for medicinal purposes or recreationally, you might be thinking about giving cultivating marijuana on your own a shot.

3 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Cannabis

In a closet, however, you’ll have a much easier time controlling the environment. Your plants won’t be exposed to the harsh conditions that nature can throw your way (including pests) when you grow outdoors, and you won’t have to struggle with trying to attain and maintain the appropriate conditions in a larger greenhouse.

Can you really grow weed in a closet?

You’ll have a much easier time establishing and maintaining the ideal conditions in a closet, and of course, when your weed grows in the ideal environment, naturally, your buds are going to be a whole lot better.