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how to grow weed for dispensaries in colorado

How to grow weed for dispensaries in colorado

For instance, earlier this year Illinois dispensaries ran out cannabis 6 days into legalization and battled to keep up with the demand for months. This was a huge opportunity for cultivators to make a buck or two.

Marijuana or hemp products sold to medical dispensaries are of a much higher quality than recreational products. But again, each dispensary will have their requirements and preferences for the types of cannabis products they buy for their clients/patients.

Both hemp and marijuana are both of the same plant family known as cannabis Sativa .L. Hemp is not psychoactive like marijuana as it does not contain the active ingredient THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol ), but rather contains vast amounts of non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD ( Cannabidiol ).

Learn how to sell your final cannabis products to dispensaries

Dispensaries locations are heavily regulated by law but may be situated in a hospital, doctors office or even a retail shop. These medical dispensaries cater to the needs of medical patients while dispensing marijuana as per doctors recommendations.

The average basic salary for an entry-level grower in the US is anything from $50000 to $100000 but may well be substantially more depending on the factors mentioned above.

Relationship between the Cannabis Cultivator and Dispensary

Growers and farmers alike are growing fields of cannabis in the hopes of big returns in green! If you are watching the cannabis industry from the sidelines and hoping to get in on the action, read on.

“We’re still waiting on cultivator deliveries but will serve as many rec customers we can each day till further notice!” the dispensary tweeted on Monday evening.

The laws are different for medical marijuana consumers.

Marijuana plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked area that can’t be viewed openly. This means the plants can’t be outside.

Coloradans can grow marijuana in their homes for personal use.

Don’t forget that counties and municipalities can pass stricter laws. For example, Denver limits a home grow to 12 plants, even if there are three or more adults over age 21 in the residence. Be sure to check your local laws for specific details.

At homes with residents under 21, any marijuana grow area must be enclosed and locked in a separate space that minors can’t access.

Up to six plants are allowed per Colorado resident over age 21, with as many as three plants flowering at one time.

At homes without residents under 21, extra precautions must be taken to make sure any visiting youth don’t have access to marijuana plants.