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how to grow marijuanas in va

Anderson said four plants, if grown properly, can produce a years-worth of marijuana.

Another concern for Katz is preventing a boom in illegal sales while people are in the process of growing, since recreational stores can’t open yet.

“I’m going to give it a try but I am afraid of messing up because the law is so complicated,” Netzel said.

“You can start for as little as $150 bucks or you can get weird with it and spend as much as you want,” said Co-Founder Christopher Haynie.

“People have to read the fine print”

That’s an area the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) has asked lawmakers to clarify in the future.

Katz said, in general, enforcement of home cultivation regulations will likely stem from complaints.

House Democratic Leader Charniele Herring, who sponsored the bill, said she supported moving forward with that option in 2021 but she said the idea was shot down by others in her party.

“Everything you need…except the seeds”

At the time, lawmakers were under pressure to move up the legalization of simple possession to this summer. To win over critics, supporters were looking for a way to allow the public to safely obtain marijuana before recreational sales go live, something that’s not expected to happen until 2024.

Anderson said there are also quality considerations that make indoor growth more desirable for beginners.

—Cultivation of up to four marijuana plants per household by adults for personal use. Plants can be grown indoors or outdoors, but must be at a primary residence and cannot be visible from a public street. Each plant must be labelled with the owner’s name and driver’s license or state identification number. Owners must prevent access to the plants by people under 21.

—Smoking of marijuana in public.

—Marijuana gifting schemes, for example, giving away marijuana with the purchase of another item.