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how to grow marijuana outside in the winter

How to grow marijuana outside in the winter

Keep roots warm and up off the cold floor

Hot grow lights help keep plants warm. If it’s getting cold at night, change your timer so grow lights turn on in the evening during the coldest hours.

However, if you deal with cold temperatures, LEDs are a poor choice. Not only do they produce little heat, but they also make plants less resistant to cold in general. On the flip side, HID grow lights like CMH/LECs and HPS produce a lot of heat to help keep plants warm. HPS in particular also produces a lot of infrared light, which helps raise the internal temperature of leaves to help keep plants warm from the inside out.

How to grow marijuana outside in the winter

Hi iv been growing a plant in my window and she is just love n it never thought it would be so easy

Having said that, some hobby growers might still be eager to utilise as much natural sunlight as possible, such as growing on a windowsill. The problem with this is that light intensity or simply the amount of sunlight hours may be insufficient for growth. Each area will vary in its wintertime habits, and each grower should make choices accordingly.

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It is also highly recommended that winter growers purchase a device called a hygrometer. This device can test the relative humidity of your soil as well as your grow room. It is essential to regularly measure the relative humidity in order to stay on top of it and avoid huge spikes or drops in the concentration of water in the air.

Controlling humidity of cannabis grown in winter

Buy a grow tent and a grow light I suggest Sun Blaster and they are relatively cheap it’ll work the best for germinating…