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how to grow hydroponic marijuana

How to grow hydroponic marijuana

A hydroponic garden may exhibit a growth rate that is between 30% and 50% faster than that of a soil plant. The combination of nutrients, water, and oxygen in the roots are responsible for this faster rate of growth in hydroponic systems.

How does hydroponic growing work?

A dedicated space indoors is the best location to grow hydroponics at home. In addition to the hydroponics system, you can furnish your garden with supplemental grow lights to maximize the health and volume of the cannabis harvest.

What are the drawbacks of hydroponic systems?

If the pros of hydroponics outweigh the cons, you may be ready to try your hand at employing this growing medium in your home.

How to grow hydroponic marijuana

Step 4: Install the drip line

Remember, a plant in its initial stage requires very fewer nutrients as compared to its flowering stage. The pH levels should lie somewhere between 5.5-6.0 while you can change the PPM level depending upon the growth stage of your plant, throughout the cycle.

What are the best hydroponic nutrients for Marijuana?

Take the saplings that have begun growing in Rockwool and place them into the clay pellets. Insert the drip line so that moisture is reaching the Rockwool and roots of your plants.

Like any other novice grower, I knew nothing about marijuana cultivation, hydroponics, nutrient-solution, etc. But, extensive research and my deep love for weed made things get growin’.

Microelements or Trace Elements

Now you must be thinking, why should you even go through this cannabis growing guide? Well, I had a cannabis garden at my home back in California and, it produced one of the best yields. (To those who don’t know it already, I moved to London in 2019 and, I’m still trying to get used to the Marijuana laws here.)