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how to grow a weed plant inside with no equipment

How to grow a weed plant inside with no equipment

Here’s a basic rundown of the most popular types of cannabis grow lights used today.

4 – Successful Indoor Growing Requires the Following Features

Since warmer air rises, mount your exhaust fan(s) high so they can suck out hot, stagnant air. On the flip side, your intake fan should be mounted low so it can provide a good supply of cool, CO2-filled fresh air. This technique allows for a constant supply of fresh air for your plants. It also helps keep temperatures to a manageable level.

HID grow lights

The first step is to cut off the big water leaves, otherwise known as the fan leaves. They have minimal THC in them and are generally removed. You’ll notice a visible difference between the long, green fan leaves and the smaller sugar leaves. The latter is covered in resinous glands (trichomes).

How to grow a weed plant inside with no equipment

If you harvest later, you get more of a stony, relaxing bud. Harvesting very late results in weak bud that makes you extra-sleepy (why would anyone want this?).

Weed plants love fresh air. They achieve the best growth when they get a slight breeze. It also serves to prevent mold. The best way to give your plants the breeze they need is with a fan on the lowest setting. You can also remove larger leaves or lollipop your plants to improve air flow.

The good news is: there is a fairly large window of time for when you can harvest your bud. Everything really depends on the strain and your personal preference. Just make sure you don’t harvest too early. That is the biggest mistake people make, so you can usually wait longer than you think you should.

For the US, we prefer ILGM, due to their germination guarantee and the free shipping. Crop King has a guarantee, too, but they only guarantee that 80% of the seeds will germinate. They also charge for shipping, with rates in the US being the lowest at $20 and international rates as high as $40.

Method 1: Check the Pistils

Once new white hairs have stopped growing, wait until 40% of them have darkened at least. 40% is the beginning of your harvest window, but you should wait longer.

If you only have a plant or two, you can get by with just the fan for ventilation. You’ll just have to leave the tent door open at times to replace the air inside.

There are ton of options for grow lights, but we’re keeping it simple. Just get an LED grow light. They cost less to operate and they’re easier to use. Nowadays, they actually cost the same or less than an equivalent HID system, once you account for all the equipment you need to run HID grow lights.

4. Add A Grow Light

And you can get by without a charcoal filter to remove the odor as well. Ideally though, you want to ventilate your tent and you want to remove the odor from any air you ventilate out.

What I discovered when I decided to start growing again was how far technology had moved on in those six years… Not just with super strains of autoflower seeds and cannabis specific growing soils, but more so with the huge leap forward in LED lighting which, back then, was in its infancy and considered to be ‘quirky’ rather than a viable alternative to the old ‘gas guzzling’ HID’s…