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how to grow a pound of weed every 3 weeks

How to grow a pound of weed every 3 weeks

The shady-looking fellow on the corner will tell you that you hardly need a college diploma to sell weed for a living. But Kwantlen’s new 14-week online course will sculpt aspiring dealers into professionals in a robust – and newly legal – field.

1. Don’t rely on past experience

So what exactly makes for a good professional manager of marijuana for medical purposes?

2. Get to know the logistics

The course promises to be a rigorous survey of the landscape of marijuana production and sale, educating prospective growers in everything from irrigation to marketing.

How to grow a pound of weed every 3 weeks

Now that you’ve chosen the plants you want to work with, it’s time to start growing with these basic rules-of-thumb:

To get your grow room lighting, temperature, humidity, VPD, and CO2 right, use the helpful SOG growing guide below and get started in no time!

When setting up your grow room, consider these tips when setting up your SOG environment:

Determining How Many Plants Per Square Foot Using a Sea of Green

Helpful Tip: You can use specialized grow light software to automatically adjust lighting intensity when transitioning between growth stages.

When growing plants using SOG you will get bud sites quickly since you don’t need to “top” the plants. The faster the buds form means more harvests you can fit in a year. For cannabis businesses or anyone else whose goals rely on consistent harvests of big yields, SOG is an important method for speeding up your crop cycles for consistently high yields.

Brief History of the Sea of Green (SOG) Method

When the marijuana industry began transitioning to indoor growing, farmers began to increase the density of their grow rooms to use light and space efficiently. Over time, these farmers realized that by growing smaller plants using the SOG method, they could get more harvests while saving on HVAC, water, fertilizer, labor, and other costs.

When the marijuana industry first moved to indoor growing, farmers began to use artificial light to control flowering times. This meant that they could increase yields and shorten harvest times by growing more plants in a smaller space, a method now known as a Sea of Green. But this was not always a popular method for growing.