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how to get rid of weeds growing between bricks

How to get rid of weeds growing between bricks

Whether you’re putting down new paving or refreshing old paving, there’s a ton of ways to deal with weeds growing between them. Once you’ve already got a weed problem, it can be difficult to take care of, but there are several ways to resolve the problem in the beginning.

Method #1: Baking Soda

Once the larger weeds are removed, pressure wash around the stones.

Method #4: Pressure Washing

To get rid of weeds with baking soda, moisten them with your garden hose and then sprinkle the soda on top of the entire weed.

How to get rid of weeds growing between bricks

Weeds can pop up almost anywhere. They are invasive and require only a tiny crack to grow in between bricks. Weeds in your brick patio or walkway can be unsightly and unwanted. Fortunately, there are several methods for removing them once and for all.


A natural solution to killing pesky weeds in bricks is to use regular table salt. Mix about one part salt to two parts water on a hot stove until the solution boils. While the solution is still warm, pour it directly on the bricks where the weeds appear. Be careful not to apply the solution to grassy or other areas that you don’t want to kill, as the salt will kill off just about any plants. Dry salt can also be placed directly on weeds, but you will need to add small amounts of water to dissolve the salt into the cracks.

Mechanical Removal

If you are reluctant to use chemicals or other methods that might damage nearby grasses or other plants, most weeds can be removed by hand. To effectively remove weeds so that they won’t come back, the entire plant must be removed. Grab the weed at the lowest point, nearest the surface of the brick. Pull straight up to remove the entire weed, including the roots. Removing the roots is the only way to ensure that the unwanted weeds won’t come back.

How to get rid of weeds growing between bricks

If your looking for a chemical weed killer use Roundup it will kill anything it touches right down to the root. Follow directions on bottle, don't use if expecting rain.

That said, I'll try the salt and the magic sand, both sound good!

Tip: Sidewalk Grass

Vinegar can kill weeds and grass when poured full strength in cement driveways or brick walkways.

I also use boiling water. It doesn't harm the earth and has no lingering residue. It works on every weed or plant.


If you are looking for something with the same effect as roundup, but not harmful to children or animals, use vinegar and salt. Buy a 4 litre jug of vinegar, take out 1 cup of vinegar add 1 cup of salt to the jug and shake. When the salt has dissolved you can add the cup of vinegar back to the jug and shake again.
This will kill anything down to the root also. Make sure you don't spray any plants you wish to keep.