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how to get license to grow medical weed in texas

How to get license to grow medical weed in texas

Hidalgo said Cansortium considers the market among Texas patients suffering from intractable epilepsy potentially lucrative enough and didn’t opt to expand into the state because of the prospect that additional medical conditions eventually will be made eligible. Still, he said he considers it likely that future discussions among the state’s leaders regarding medical marijuana will revolve around “what conditions and for what reasons they are considering expanding” its availability.

Hidalgo said he’s confident Cansortium’s Texas subsidiary can be operated profitably under the state’s existing constraints. The company expects to start cultivating medical cannabis at the Schulenburg facility this month, he said, with CBD products available by the end of the year.

Texas “could be an enormously substantial market” because of its size and population, Kagia said. “It could be right up there in the top tier of state markets” for medical cannabis.

Two years ago, 43 applicants applied to legally grow marijuana for medical purposes in Texas, but only three were granted a license. Now, the state will open up the application process again.

"It’s going to be fiercely competitive," said Enriquez.

"You know, an influx of work and labor and potential jobs for a lot of people," said Enriquez.