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how to get a weed growing license in canada

For applications for a cultivation, processing or sales for medical purposes licence, a site evidence submission must be received by Health Canada before an application can be considered.

Note: At this time, not all guidance is available online. Electronic versions of the guides can be obtained by contacting [email protected]

Once your application has successfully passed the initial screening, Health Canada will conduct an in-depth review of your application as well as extensive security checks on all the people who require security clearances. Health Canada may contact you for more information in some areas of your application.

Applications can only be submitted when you have included all of the requirements in the application in the CTLS. Once submitted, applications undergo an initial screening for completeness and clarity.

8. Submit the application

Applicants and licence holders are responsible for complying with the Cannabis Act and its Regulations as well as with other federal, provincial and territorial legislation, municipal by-laws and indigenous government legislation that apply.

The guide also gives information on these licence types and the requirements for each.

The information on this page is specific to applications for these licence classes only.

4. Create an account in the CTLS

The application process for most licence classes, including the information required in an application, is set out in the Cannabis Licensing Application Guide. This document gives guidance to those wishing to apply for these licence classes and subclasses:

Note: As per step 9 below, security clearances will only be processed following the successful screening of a submitted application.

The Alberta Cannabis Framework outlines the 4 policy priorities for cannabis legalization in our province:

Know the rules

The framework was developed following extensive engagement with Albertans and stakeholders.

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Yes, cannabis is legal in Alberta, but: