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how to feminize marijuana seeds

How to feminize marijuana seeds

After that apply the pollen from the “gibberellic acid” male flowers on other healthy female plants.

When you’re certain that all your seeds are feminized, you can grow big crops knowing that your plants are safe from pollination by a male plant.

Feminizing with Gibberellic acid is even easier than with colloidal silver.

Most people are already aware that cannabis buds we use today come only from female plants.

Feminizing with Gibberellic acid

Once the breeder stabilizes a certain trait, he’ll look to mass produce the offspring with precisely those traits. He may do so by feminizing seeds that the “mother plant” produces.

Gibberellic acid can also be bought in stores, and it’s mostly available in powder-form.

There are several ways to perform seed feminization. Each one is different, although they all boil down to the same thing — getting female seeds.

Why are seeds feminized?

Rodelization entails not harvesting flowers after they’ve bloomed, but rather forcing the plant to turn male, in order to preserve itself.

Cannabis is known to yield hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of seeds after being pollinated. The colloidal silver method guarantees that you consistently get feminized seeds.

How to feminize marijuana seeds

1.) Buy or Make Colloidal Silver (or Gibberellic Acid)

3.) Harvest Your Feminized Pollen

The main idea is to force a female plant to produce pollen sacs like a male plant. These flowers (growing on a female plant) create pollen, which can be harvested and used to pollinate another female cannabis plant. The resulting seeds will all end up being female. Can feminizing seeds cause hermaphrodite plants?