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how to eliminate weed smell when growing

How to eliminate weed smell when growing

If you choose to use carbon filters, these may be a little expensive at first, but remember that it is the method most used by professional growers to eliminate the smell of marijuana in indoor crops, so it is much more advisable to spend the money on one that is of good quality because the result will be much better and will last much longer.

These are some of the anti smells you can have, to hide the smell of your indoor cultivation of cannabis.

Aromatic plants: It is always an option to plant around your cannabis plantation, plants that give off natural odors and help camouflage the smell that give off cannabis plants, some options that serve can be peppermint or thyme plants, as the aroma they give off to the air is strong and pleasant.

Negative ion generators

Air fresheners or scent essences: You can buy them or make them yourself, just spread the scent around the room or leave a small sample just to the plantation. Stronger smells will help even more to hide the smell of cannabis. But be careful, although air fresheners can conceal the smell of marijuana for a while, chemical components can damage your plants and even influence their final tastes or smells.

The cannabis gives off a smell that can become an inconvenience, especially if you decide to do an indoor cultivation, and live in a community of neighbors, as is usually the case. Then eliminate the smell of marijuana is really vital, to avoid being betrayed by the smell of your neighbors, (which will undoubtedly bother) and receive an unexpected visit from law enforcement authorities.

Active carbon filters

A glass of vinegar : It is known that the smell of vinegar is very strong and therefore is also a good option if you choose a homemade method, the strong smell of vinegar hides very well the smell of marijuana, for this to happen you must put a glass next to the plantation and like the technique of lemon and nails, you have to remember to change the glass of vinegar every two or three days so that the properties are not lost and the smell of marijuana does not prevail.

When you decide to embark in your own plantation of marijuana, you have to think and to plan many aspects, beginning by choosing the suitable seeds, the mode of germination and finally, the conservation of the buds, but after controlling all this we still have something to do. What do with the smell of marijuana??

How to eliminate weed smell when growing

It is true that some air purifiers do help remove some smells from the air. However, these are not strong enough to pull all the smells from a grow room. These are only marginally effective.

Warning: Never spray any odor neutralizer near your plants in the flowering stage or the smell can stick to the buds!

For a larger grow, you will likely need to scrub the air to make sure you’re not leaking any smells that might catch the attention of nosy neighbors.

A grow room with flowering marijuana plants is a factory for that delicious tell-tale smell, and to protect your girls, you’ll have to make that smell a non-issue.

How to Find & Install The Right Carbon Filter

These are hands-down the best option for controlling marijuana grow room odors. Carbon filters (also called ‘carbon scrubbers’) will actually pull the smells out of the air, neutralizing any odors that pass through.

Learn more about setting up a grow light with an exhaust:

Make Sure Only YOU Get To Enjoy Your Plant’s Smell!

Generally, they seem to last at least 4-6 weeks for most growers, which is long enough for a few of these to provide coverage throughout the smelly second half of the flowering stage.

Recommended 6″ Carbon Filter setup

How to eliminate weed smell when growing

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