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how to become a marijuana grower in colorado

Marijuana plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked area that can’t be viewed openly. This means the plants can’t be outside.

Don’t forget that counties and municipalities can pass stricter laws. For example, Denver limits a home grow to 12 plants, even if there are three or more adults over age 21 in the residence. Be sure to check your local laws for specific details.

The laws are different for medical marijuana consumers.

Coloradans can grow marijuana in their homes for personal use.

At homes with residents under 21, any marijuana grow area must be enclosed and locked in a separate space that minors can’t access.

Up to six plants are allowed per Colorado resident over age 21, with as many as three plants flowering at one time.

At homes without residents under 21, extra precautions must be taken to make sure any visiting youth don’t have access to marijuana plants.

Only licensee company checks, personal checks from a principal of the licensee, certified checks, or money orders payable to City of Colorado Springs will be accepted. The City does not accept cash for MMJ fees transactions.

Please contact the City Clerk’s Office for more information regarding Medical Marijuana Business Licensing, including Modification of Premises, Changes of Ownership, Change of Location, renewals, or more information regarding Marijuana Testing Facility licensing at [email protected] or 719-385-5106.

The updated application packets posted below should be used beginning May 26, 2017.

Modification of Premises and Transfer of Ownership applications for all MMJ types are still accepted/allowed pursuant to current MED and City MMJ Code and Rules.

Forms of Payment accepted

To review the City Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Business License Code, review Chapter 2, Article 2, Part 1 of the City Code.

As a reminder, the City of Colorado Springs prohibits any Retail/Recreational Marijuana Establishments (Ordinance 13-47).

At the March 28, 2017 City Council meeting, the City Council of the City of Colorado Springs passed the final reading of a Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Licensed Location Cap Ordinance 17-28. In summary, this ordinance contains the following new provisions which will become effective on May 25, 2017:

Medical Marijuana Licensing

To review the City General Business License Code, review Chapter 2, Article 1, Part 1 of the City Code.