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how not to get busted growing weed

How not to get busted growing weed

Unfortunately, growing marijuana in the United States is a legal minefield. The plant is legal for recreational use in 15 states plus D.C, and medicinal purposes in 20 more states. However, some states will take years to implement these programs.

However, one possible alternative is a lengthy spell in prison. Therefore, it is time to become Harry the Hermit for a while. If your grow site is away from your property, invite whoever you like. However, don’t leave growing supplies lying around unless you’re ready to answer some awkward questions.

Basic cultivation of weed is classified as Manufacture in the Second Degree, which is a felony. In theory, getting caught growing marijuana in Alabama could result in a 20-year prison term plus a fine of $30,000.

Bear in mind that bright grow lights will give the game away. Use blackout curtains or fabric that blocks the light on your windows. When growing indoors, water pumps and exhaust fans emit the most noise. There isn’t much you can do other than invest in ‘quiet’ fans so that your neighbors don’t complain or suspect. It is less of a problem if you have no neighbors nearby.

Rule #6 – Thou Shalt Learn Strategic Growing & Harvesting

The practical guide…

The only person you should divulge any cannabis growing information with is anyone who is growing with you. Otherwise, loose lips sink ships. Imagine you tell your neighbor but then get into an argument. All that needs to happen is for him to start talking about your weed garden or contact the police. The next thing you know, half the surrounding area knows about your exploits. If you don’t get arrested, your crop will mysteriously go ‘missing.’

In case you didn’t know, a cannabis garden emits one hell of a scent. It doesn’t even matter if your sinuses are blocked because of the flu from hell. Marijuana’s peculiar odor will make its way to your senses. Aside from a neighbor’s big mouth, the smell of the crop is probably the biggest reason for getting caught.

Rule #4 – Thou Shalt Be Wary of Nosy Neighbors

At harvest time, it is best if you have the house to yourself. If you have housemates, calculate the likely length of time for your weed to grow. You need to know when harvest time is. Make sure you harvest when they are away. Otherwise, you will have to scout a safe place to dry and cure your herbs. Once this process is complete, store the finished product in an airtight mason jar.

For example, Rita the Recluse has nothing to do other than watch her 32 cats each day. In between meals and scooping kitty litter, she may happen to spot you bringing significant amounts of pots, nutrients, and soil into your house. There’s not much you can do to avoid being spotted barring digging a tunnel beneath your home. A more natural alternative is to grow companion plants, fruit, and vegetables as ‘cover.’

How not to get busted growing weed

If you’ve ever gone to a forum for advice on growing cannabis, you’ll know that there is no shortage of opinions on what you can do to become a better grower.

First, the mantra: “No smell, no sell, no tell”



This is a lot of information, and it still only barely scratches the surface of what it takes to grow stealthily. Over time there will be more pitfalls to watch out for, but growing your own cannabis has actually gotten easier and safer over time.

How not to get busted growing weed

Fan leaves need to be removed — those are larger leaves that don't have a bud site at the node, he said, that are just used for the plant to provide photosynthesis. Once the plant begins to shadow those lower leaves, they can be removed.

Veseys Seeds in York, P.E.I., has devoted six pages in its catalogue to growing at home — grow lights have been a big seller — and many people have been coming to their store seeking equipment and advice.

A visit to the agency's site shows it has only two varieties of indica seeds for sale. A package of four seeds costs $52.99 — that's more than $13 per seed, plus tax.

Harnden said hydroponic growing is harder than it looks, mainly because controlling nutrients in water is more difficult than in soil.

5. Poor PH levels

Needless to say, growers will want to handle those seeds with care — Kerr and Harnden described some of the pitfalls for those who are new to the process.

"A lot of first-time growers don't understand the importance of proper environmental factors," Kerr said.

The plants also require a certain amount of ventilation to keep mold, mildew and fungus at bay.

Seeds are available at P.E.I. Cannabis but sales have been weak

Kerr said cannabis likes a PH range of 5.5 to 6.5. Because cannabis is fast-growing, anything outside that PH can hinder the plant's ability to absorb nutrients.

"In order to ensure customers have a legal source for cannabis seed, P.E.I. Cannabis intend to increase the variety of seeds in stock as supply becomes available."