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how much weed can i grow in california

How much weed can i grow in california

For most people, violation of California’s cannabis laws is a misdemeanor. However, people with serious criminal history – including multiple prior drug convictions – can be charged with a felony for violating California drug laws.

1. Is marijuana possession for personal use legal in California?

If you are an undocumented alien, therefore, it is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney if law enforcement accuses you of a crime involving marijuana.

Legal references:

Marijuana and cannabis products must be smoked or consumed in private, with the consent of the property owner. This means that your landlord or employer can prohibit your use of marijuana at work or on a property you rent.

How much weed can i grow in california

Cannabis grown from your plants must be stored in a specific way. If you grow more than 1 oz of usable cannabis material, you must:

Not all municipal codes are up-to-date. Check with your city or county’s council or board for the most recent ordinances.

Local Government Restrictions

If you want to start growing cannabis as a medical patient, check out our resource on how to get a medical cannabis card in California .

You can find your local ordinance code online. Just follow these steps:

For Personal Use ONLY

Illegal sale, furnishing, administering, giving away, transporting for sale, or importing into the state is also a misdemeanor. Felony charges are reserved for repeat and violent offenders, or those who sell to minors.