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how many weed plants can i grow in vermont

Driving under the influence of marijuana carries severe penalties. First-time offenders could face up to two years in prison and a $750 fine. Those with more than four convictions could face a decade in prison and $5,000 in fines. Consuming cannabis while driving, which extends to second-hand smoke if anyone in the car is smoking, can result in a $500 fine, even for registered patients. An open container of marijuana in a car can result in a $200 fine.

Vermont legalized marijuana for medicinal use in 2004 when the state legislature passed S 76, An Act Relating to the Medical Use of Marijuana . The governor didn’t sign it, but the bill passed anyway, removing legal possession and cultivation penalties for patients and setting up the Vermont Marijuana Registry. In the intervening years, additional bills have expanded the list of qualifying conditions and the types of healthcare professionals allowed to recommend marijuana for their patients.

A patient can assign a caregiver to buy and deliver medical cannabis if the patient is unable to obtain marijuana on his or her own. Delivery services are also available.

Qualifying conditions

Yes, both adult-use and medical marijuana are legal in Vermont, though recreational sales are not yet operational.

To obtain a medical card, caregivers must complete the caregiver portion of a patient application to the VMR. Or they can submit a Registered Caregiver Application if a previously registered patient is assigning a caregiver.

Legislation history

Patients with a qualifying condition need to visit the VMR to obtain a registry ID card .

In 2020, the state legalized recreational sales when Gov. Phil Scott allowed Vermont S. 54 , which was introduced in 2019, to pass without his signature. The law stipulated that all localities must opt-in to having adult-use retail establishments, special consideration be given to small-scale cultivators and businesses owned by people of color and women, and a Cannabis Control Board (CCB) and advisory board be set up.

How many weed plants can i grow in vermont

When it comes to selling or purchasing —

Depends. If you have a condo board or governing body for your building, you should check to see if there are building-specific rules.

You CANNOT use marijuana:

As Tim Fair, the Burlington-based lawyer focused on the Vermont cannabis industry, notes, neighboring states have markets going online July 1.

That said, there’s a tremendous amount of ambiguity which could result in issues like this one being brought before the Vermont Supreme Court.

As Tim Fair, a Burlington-based lawyer focused on the Vermont cannabis industry, notes, that would probably fall under what’s allowed with Act 86 as long as you’re under the 1 ounce amount.

On July 1, Vermont’s Act 86 makes it legal for adults 21+ to possess an ounce of marijuana and cultivate a small number of marijuana plants under state law.

What exactly is a “dwelling unit”? According to Act 86, a “dwelling unit” is “a building or the part of a building that is used as a primary home, residence, or sleeping place by one or more persons who maintain a household.”

Under Act 86, each “dwelling unit” is allowed four immature plants and up to two mature (flowering) plants at one time.