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how many weed plants can i grow in colorado

How many weed plants can i grow in colorado

A first-time conviction of growing more than 12 plants is a level 1 drug petty offense under Colorado state law, punishable by up to $1,000.

A subsequent illegal cultivation offense is a level 1 drug misdemeanor if there were no more than 24 plants. The sentence is six-to-18 months in county jail and/or fines of $500 to $5,000.

4. How do I fight the charges?

And charges that get dismissed can be sealed immediately. 6

MIP conviction

5. How many plants can you grow in Colorado legally with a medical card?

Medical marijuana patients can ask the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for an extended plant count.

How many weed plants can i grow in colorado

Those who are growing marijuana in their home or at a facility, especially if they fear being in trouble with the law, have a reason for concern.

The standard rules from OSHA and state laws that regulate businesses apply to marijuana cultivation facilities. In many ways, people consider Colorado a reasonably progressive state regarding marijuana cultivation laws. For home growers, the Colorado government actively suggests that people grow with care.

Colorado marijuana cultivation laws for facilities have additional considerations. These laws involve:

Colorado’s General Stance on Cultivation

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Some of their advice includes that home growers:

Facility Marijuana Cultivation in Colorado

Some Colorado criminal lawyers may have an idea of penalties for violations and how to defend against charges. However, given the complexity of Colorado marijuana cultivation laws, Coloradans who believe they need legal help in this arena need to reach out to a top-notch law firm with experience.

If a person is concerned about where they stand regarding existing or future compliance with cultivation regulations, they should contact a Colorado attorney with experience in marijuana cultivation crimes.