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how many lumens to grow one weed plant

It basically comes down to this, the more lumens cast over your grow area, the stronger your cannabis plants are going to grow. Each plant will require an absolute minimum of 2,500 lumens. A standard 400W HID lamp will usually emit 45,000 lumens. This should be enough to comfortably grow up to 12 cannabis plants in a 1m2 area – with enough lumens to cause strong growth.

There are three factors to consider when deciding how many lumens you need. These are:

You will have to take the strain you are growing into account here as well, one large sativa may take up the entire area you would use to grow many smaller indicas. Meaning if you plant to grow a lot of sativas you will need a bigger area and more lights to cover them.

Generally speaking, the higher the wattage of the bulb, the more light it produces. The more light that is produced, the better your plants will grow. An excellent way to measure the amount of light you are getting per square foot is through the use of lumens. Wattage and lumens tend to go hand in hand, but can vary system to system. Even though lumens tend to correlate with wattage, it is the design of the light that can have drastic impacts on the actual amount of lumens emitted.

Whilst have 45,000 lumens within a 1m2 grow area will get you good results, having a light with a higher wattage that produces more lumens within the same area will help you achieve even better results. It all comes down to how much you want to grow, what lighting systems you can afford and what you are prepared to spend on electricity bills. The stronger the light, the more it’s going to cost you.

and you know what, it is.
eventually im going to get 3 bulbs all going at 2700, but they last 10000 hours ;P
and ive done 3 plants at a time with no issues.
So ill give you the advice ive been given by experianced CFL growers and not guys who use HID and say CFL wont bud.

flower phase: when you switch to flower go 11 hours and then every two weeks reduce the light by 30mins and when you get to about 9.5 hours just let the kids finish up that way. (this mimics nature and performs better). if your plants won’t finish budding. whatever cycle your using, drop the hours and the plant will do better and finish up.

I cannot quite understand how he has put this.


I cannot quite understand how he has put this.

Remember, it’s not a contest: We all love the same plant, and there’s hundreds of ways to grow her right. Arrogant growers love to put down other people’s nugs and argue for days about why nobody can produce better pot than they can. These types actually end up infusing some of that negative and competitive energy into their plants. – Unknown Author (High times)

CFL will bud your weed fine at 3000 lumers per each food squared of area.
During budding keep them 3" near plant tops and they will penetrate fine.


And people tend to say 2500+ per foot to veg and 3000 to bud *(3500 for denser) is fine.

hmm. I think I may have mis-interpreted what herball was saying or he may have wrote it wrong.