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how fast does hydroponic weed grow

How fast does hydroponic weed grow

Setup Cost – Hydroponic setups are usually more expensive to set up initially, and some types of hydroponic growing may require some DIY.

Raft System – Only meant for small plants like lettuce, raft hydro systems keep plants on a "raft" floating in a nutrient reservoir.

Less Likely To Get Pests – Of all the grow types, hydroponic growers are least likely have their garden attacked by bugs or pests (though it’s definitely still possible). Many pests need soil as part of their lifecycle, and many growers accidentally introduce pests into their grow room when buying new soil.

Soil-Hydro Fusion – coco coir & other soilless mediums

One proven soilless mix is to hydrate coco coir bricks and add 30% perlite and 10% vermiculite to aerate and loosen the mix.

How fast does hydroponic weed grow

The term ‘hydroponics’ is a Latin term that translates to ‘water working.’ In terms of growing weed, it relates to producing the plants in highly oxygenated water enriched with additional nutrients. In basic terms, hydroponic marijuana is cannabis that is grown without soil. There are several ways to grow marijuana hydroponically. You can suspend the roots of your plants in Rockwool, clay pellets, water, coco peat, sand, or gravel.

What Is Hydroponic Cannabis?

This is another crushed volcanic rock medium like perlite and is also known for its terrific drainage. Although it is sterile, vermiculite is not generally used as a growing medium by itself, with growers electing to mix it with perlite. If you decide to use it, ask the seller where they got it from. For example, vermiculite that comes from Africa is very alkaline, with a pH of up to 9.0.


This is a unique method because you don’t use a growing medium. Most growers tend to use a tiny amount to root a cutting or germinate the seed, however. The roots of the marijuana plant are suspended mid-air inside a chamber kept at 100% humidity. You must use a fine spray filled with nutrients.