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how does marijuana grow in the wild

How does marijuana grow in the wild

Take a trip along the roads of Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa, in particular, and you will see miles of cannabis growing naturally. In the likely event that you find some, your first thought is probably to fill up your car with the stuff! Think about it; you could easily bring thousands of dollars’ worth of it home.

The final, and most sensible option, is to admire the plants and go on your way. Take a few pictures to show your friends, but make sure you don’t take any weed with you! If the plants are growing miles away from civilization, you can forget about them with a clear conscience.

What About Wild Marijuana in America?

In Canada, feral cannabis isn’t as widespread because the colder winters are harsh on the plants. Also, our northern neighbors don’t have a history of large-scale hemp cultivation like America. Besides, cannabis in Canada is now legal for recreational use! Even so, you can find patches of tough ditch weed in all of Canada’s provinces if you look hard enough.

The third option is to try and claim the plants. This is another decision fraught with legal jeopardy. If they are not ready to harvest, you have to tend to them. This is illegal in practically every state unless you have an exclusive grower’s license. Even in legal states, growing is only allowed in a private space. Tending to these plants requires being outdoors in a public space, an illegal act.

The Cannabis Is Beckoning Me! What Do I Do?

Alas, you are unlikely to enjoy an intoxicating high, no matter how much of it you smoke. It is likely weed descended from hemp fields from the days it was a significant crop. In those days, farmers bred hemp for fiber used in rope, clothes, and other useful items. The THC content is minimal. Even today’s hemp must contain a maximum of 0.3% THC, incidentally.

If you enjoy foraging for indigenous herbs or flowers, you may be wondering where marijuana grows in the wild. Most experts agree that cannabis originates from south-central Asia and that through human intervention marijuana plants spread to virtually every corner of the habitable world. Over time, strains that took root in various regions (known as ​ “ landrace” strains) acclimated to be able to thrive in different climate zones.

To this day there are dozens of marijuana strains that grow wild across nearly every climate, but it’s important to remember that even though cannabis is a sun-loving plant, each variety has a a preference in regards to latitude, altitude, and humidity levels. To help you better understand the kinds of environments cannabis can thrive in, here we talk about the different climates where marijuana grows in the wild.

How does marijuana grow in the wild

These subtropical regions are also a common climate in which various strains of marijuana can grow naturally. These strains typically need to live and grow in a moderate environment and would struggle if placed in a region that is extremely hot, cold, dry, or wet.

Popular Strains in Tropical Regions

Dry Regions

Strains that grow in these dry regions must adapt to the constant change of temperature that occurs during the day and night.

Tropical regions usually have access to year-round sunlight which enables strains that need sunlight to grow in these areas. Strains built for tropical areas do not do well under cold winter conditions.

Continental Regions

Popular Strains in Dry Regions