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how do you grow loud weed

How do you grow loud weed

An overview of the basics

Q:Then what?

A: Be discreet. You wouldn’t tell everybody you have $2,000 just sitting on your nightstand, so don’t tell everyone you have $500 to $1,000 worth of marijuana in your basement. Putting a lock on your growing-room door and installing a home security system is not a bad idea.

How do you grow loud weed

You can use “smart pots” or plain old gallon buckets. Just make sure that there are holes at the bottom to help boost airflow and provide proper drainage.

If you’re growing marijuana outdoors , your plant should start flowering naturally as the days get shorter.

Why and how to grow pot with coco coir?

Following this step, you will need to make a decision. To use or not to use seeds and clones? And what’s the main difference between the two?

Not only is this the easiest and least stressful method for both the seeds and the growers, but it is also the most natural, and we all know that “natural” is synonymous with “top-quality.”


You must provide 12 hours of complete, uninterrupted darkness. Light leaks will stress and confuse your plant, making it revert to the vegetative stage or turn it into a hermaphrodite, which results in pollination and seedy buds.

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