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high yield weed seeds

High yield weed seeds

Whether you’re a hobby grower or commercial cultivator, high yielding strains are the bread-and-butter crops that keep stash jars full and cannabis enthusiasts happy.

How to Choose the Best High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

There’s no better feeling than watching Amnesia Haze grow freely in the garden. Remember, Amnesia Haze grows tall, so make sure your fencing is big enough to keep those pesky neighbors at bay.

#13 Super Skunk

Additionally, Medi Bud is beyond easy to grow. Sometimes, medical issues hamper our ability to cultivate cannabis plants. However, Medi Bud nearly grows itself, making it perfect for those who need a set-it-and-forget-it type of strain.

High yield weed seeds

When it comes to cannabis, high yielding cannabis seeds are often the popular, smart choice. Being able to reap the rewards of a healthy crop, makes for a very happy individual! We offer a range of particularly high yielding cannabis seeds right here at Seed City.

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Our selection offers a variety to choose from; relaxation, euphoria, medicinal properties, introspection, calm, creativity, and more can be achieved through any of the high yields we have available.

Mimosa EVO – Barneys Farm Seeds

In the right conditions, any of our high yield cannabis seeds will provide you with a potent harvest. Browse our selection here now to get your hands on yours today!