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hidden pastry seeds

Where did you order from?

Sounding great Gen, is that the Ogee Kush x Triangle Mints F1? Only ask I got a free 6 pack of those.


Just got some orange cookies x sherb crasher in the Mail along with some slurricane x wedding crasher as a free pack.

Note I’m in aus and my order came in 5 days talk about service


Some plants are very unique looking & some are down right UGLY..
These ohgee triangle are someplace in the middle @30 days 12/12
The bud growth is crazy,the sugar leaf drapes beautifully over the flowers,hiding them to make it look like nothing more than a leafy plant.
But with a few joints burning & a close inspection I stumbled upon nug city,a place that is waiting to swell up,this next 30 days or so is about to get real interesting.
(I need to go look for good pics of the mom in this cross) if possible.

When the veg mixture is cooled, add the sausagemeat, lentils, chopped sage and some salt and pepper. Mix well, then divide in half.

Leave the sausage rolls on the baking tray for a few minutes to cool slightly, then serve with a mixed leaf salad on the side.

For the filling

Tom Kerridge shows you how to increase the health factor and reduce the quantity of meat in your sausage rolls by adding brown lentils and grated veg to the filling.

For the sausage rolls, roll out the puff pastry on a lightly floured surface to a large rectangle, about 40cm x 25cm/16in x 10in. Cut in half, so that each piece measures 25cm x 20cm/16in x 8in. Have the shorter side of each piece facing you.


Repeat with the other piece of pastry and the rest of the filling. Place both filled pastry rolls in the fridge for an hour to rest and firm up.