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herbies weed seeds

LOS ANGELES, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Herbies Seeds is pleased to announce the launch of its own seedbank. Herbies Seeds, also known as Herbies or Herbies Head Shop, is a successful cannabis seeds distributor operating worldwide. In business since the early 2000s, Herbies has completed more than 800,000 orders from an inventory of over 2,000 cannabis strains. With decades of experience, as well as connections to some of the most experienced growers in Spain, Herbies Seeds is branching out into cannabis breeding and seed production. Thus, Herbies is also pleased to announce the release of nine new Herbies-branded cannabis strains.

Of the nine new strains from Herbies’ seedbank, six are photoperiod cannabis strains. These strains are feminized to ensure that seedlings grow to be bud-producing female plants:

In addition, Herbies is pleased to offer three autoflowering cannabis strains, which are easy and fast to grow without any compromise on potency:

Herbies weed seeds

Herbies Seeds utilizes simple, industry-standard discreet shipping methods on all orders. Seeds are sent in plain brown envelopes that read “Jiffy” instead of “Herbies Seeds.” No paper receipts are included inside the envelope, and seeds are packaged inside of a DVD case. For buyers who request additional stealth, Herbies Seeds will repackage seeds into labeled Ziploc bags, instead of sending them in the original breeder packaging.

“Stealth Shipping” is Herbies Seeds’ default method when shipping to countries known to intercept and open incoming parcels. If you live in one of these places, opting for the stealth option is the only way to guarantee delivery, as Herbies Seeds will not reship seeds that fail to arrive in “regular” packaging if it is requested.

We like a lot of things about Herbies Seeds. A track record of great customer service and high-quality seeds are, of course, two of the most important things to look for in a seed bank, and Herbies has both of these. However, the relative frequency of shipping problems and issues with keeping inventory in stock still prevent us from ranking Herbies Seeds as one of the very best.
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Super Sour Berry

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

Herbies Seeds’ track record of excellent customer service and high germination rates have earned this seed bank a positive reputation throughout the growers’ community. Most reviews on public forums, as well as those left on Herbies Seeds’ own website, are from satisfied customers with plenty of nice things to say about their experiences with this company. However, the areas where Herbies Seeds consistently receives negative feedback are reliability of shipping and inventory being out of stock. also features a helpful Glossary of Growing Terms and a blog filled with cannabis recipes, cultivation tips, company updates, sales, and more. Another nice feature of this site is the option to keep track of your favorite seed picks on a wishlist. There is also a tool that allows you to compare multiple strains side-by-side.

Herbies Seeds also maintains a very active presence in several popular growers’ forums, commenting on most posts, both positive and negative, with solutions and offers to make problems right. Considering that a number of reviewers felt inclined to revise their negative reviews after Herbies’ staff intervened, it’s apparent that this seed bank does place customer satisfaction high on its priority list.

Stealth Shipping and Delivery Guarantee

Herbies Seeds makes a solid effort to provide great customer service. Buyers are encouraged to contact this seed bank with questions or concerns via telephone, email, or WhatsApp. Hours of staff availability are clearly listed on their website, to ensure buyers from around the world call at the right time, though several buyers have still reported difficulty getting ahold of Herbies customer service team by phone.

The massive Herbies Head Shop inventory is organized into over 100 highly-specific categories to help buyers find the best weed for their intentions. These categories include desired effects (such as focus, sleep, and giggles), activities (from parties to watching Netflix), growing characteristics (including fast flowering, high yield, and low odor), strain types, best-sellers by country, and more.