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hawaiian snow seeds

Hawaiian Snow is a very potent sativa-dominant cannabis strain that was created by crossing an Hawaiian Sativa with a stain from Laos in south-east Asia. Hawaiian Snow has a reputation amongst heavy weed smokers for its powerful sativa high.

Outdoors it is adaptable to a range of climates including tropical, sub-tropical, Mediterranean and war, dry, temperate types. Its long branches will need to be supported in the latter half of the flowering period so as to prevent them from snapping which would be devastating for its harvest potential. By the end of October in northern latitudes each plant is capable of producing as much as 1200 gr.

This plant won its first major award in 2003 when it was awarded 1st prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup that year; it has subsequently gone on to win more trophies. At 80% sativa this is a tall plant that also grows very wide with typically long, thin leaves. Indoors a shortened vegetative period followed by the employment of LST techniques during flowering is advised. This flowering period is quite long, reflective of its high proportion of sub-tropical sativa genetics, at 12 weeks but the wait is more than worthwhile as yields of up to 700 gr/m 2 of top sativa buds will be yours.

The production of THC is very high indeed at a measured 23% with low CBD of 0.17% and CBN of 0.12%. Its effect is an uplifting, social high that is something of a creeper at first but which builds and builds into a very powerful, long-lasting high that sativa-lovers will adore. It is recommended therapeutically as an anti-depressant and also for pain relief.

Smoke a little bit of Hawaiian Snow in the morning to keep your spirits up and your temper down throughout the day. This happy and energetic sativa can help alleviate depression and axiety with cheerful thoughts.


We know what you’re thinking, “What the heck to Hawaii and snow have to do with each other?” The Hawaiian Snow marijuana strain sounds more like an oxymoron than anything else. But if you can get past the kooky name, you’ll find that this sativa-dominant hybrid (90/10) is a dream come true for daytime smokers and users. This strain packs a happy and energetic punch that can help your day get on the right track.

Right before you head out the door and go to work, smoke a little bit of Hawaiian Snow to keep your spirits up and your temper down. There’s nothing that can bum you out with Hawaiian Snow in the mix. With cheerful strain prompts laughter, socialization, and engagement with others. It attracts happy thoughts, positive thinking, and creativity. These effects are popular amongst users with depression and anxiety.