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hammershark seeds

Hammershark seeds

Hammer Shark feminized cannabis seeds have a short and sweet flowering time of 56 days on average from seed to harvest. Medical cannabis consumers love heavy Indica strains such as this for their ability to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, inflammation, stress, depression and more. Growers love the large yields of 500 grams per square meter or better from indoor grows done in a sea of green.

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Outdoor growers can pull more than 500 grams per plant with even and inexperienced grower pulling 200 grams or more. THC percentages come in very high around 24% making this strain of cannabis recommended for regular consumers. Thanks to the Shark Shock heritage on average one out of five of these Hammer Shark feminized cannabis seeds produce high-CBD percentages in addition to the impressive THC content.


It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

Hammershark seeds


The terpenoids of this plant are spectacular, with tastes ranging from a touch of earthy to some more sweet and lemony aroma.

This variety maintains a balance between THC and CBD.

In interior, the Hammer Shark Seeds will be able to give a good growth obtaining a very good production. This plant is very robust and ideal for the “Sea Of Green” type of system. It is characterized by separated internodes and its big aromatic flowers.

Its effects are relaxing, ideal for meditation and study.

This is the crossing of Hammer Shark seeds based on the genetics of excellent quality. Its voluminous structure and its adaptation to the culture make it an ideal plant to begin to cultivate. It is characterized by its green and purple tones, its taste of earth and pine. It is a plant that produces a great quantity of resin.

In outdoor crops, the plant will be very robust, if we make a good mixture of the substrate with worm castings we will get a plant that gives us a great production, reaching between 1.65 meters and 1.75 meters in height.

We find here a hybrid CBD variety predominantly Indica. It is recommended because it is very resistant to different types of diseases.