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guerrilla growing weed

Guerrilla growing weed

Winter is the perfect time to find new guerrilla outdoor weed growing spots. Where you choose to plant is by far the most difficult and important decision you’ll make. If you’re lucky enough to have secluded property of your own, by all means, plant there, however most growers will have to go “guerrilla” to get their crops. While we don’t encourage growing pot on public property, we recognize that it happens and all too often, growers are making misinformed decisions on where to plant that lead to plant discovery or worse.

Winter: Choosing Your Spots

The key to guerrilla outdoor weed growing is finding the right place to plant and only visiting your spot as often as necessary. Successful clandestine cannabis gardens must be practically invisible, so never leave any clues or litter in your secret planting bed. Tread lightly as to not leave a path to your plants and always leave the forest cleaner and healthier than you found it. Now it’s time to learn the ropes on outdoor weed growing guerrilla-style.

It helps to have an alibi such as bird-watching or fishing and carry things like binoculars or a tackle box to enhance the charade. Look for southern-facing slopes and keep in mind what your grow area will look like from above. Police choppers fly around in almost every state looking for outdoor grows and you don’t want them spotting your precious plants.

Guerrilla growing weed

Some growers will fix fake plastic flowers to the branches of plants with wire; a trick that probably wouldn’t fool anybody up close, but one that can completely change their appearance if they are seen from a distance. We also recommend you don’t follow a regular pattern when planting, because neat rows of perfectly spaced plants, with a different shade of green than the other plants that surround them, will stick out like a sore thumb!

Some growers will select several different spots and leave a few plants in each, in this way they can be sure of harvesting something, even in the unfortunate event of one of the plots being found. It’s not a bad idea in itself, but not only will spreading out the plants also increase the chance of being discovered while cultivating, it will mean a lot of extra work too, it’s one thing finding and preparing a good site, but doing it for several is another thing altogether!

Substrates and slow-release fertilisers

Finding a good place to grow that meets the above conditions and also has a source of water nearby is almost a guarantee of success! Without a doubt, once the right place has been found regarding light, safety and discretion, the big question is always the same. where de we get the water for the plants? Having a water source nearby means you won’t be forced to carry heavy water bottles long distances through the woods, which is not only hard work in the heat of summer, but also increases the chance of our being observed. Depending on the terrain and the limits of your ingenuity, you can even create a passive drip-irrigation system from a nearby stream to your plants.

In this article we’re going to explain everything you’ll need to consider when looking for the best spot to grow cannabis, as well as the best way to prepare the site so your plants are as well camouflaged as possible and can offer their maximum potential. We’ll also recommend the most suitable cannabis varieties and teach you a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your guerrilla grow, because, as every outdoor grower knows, the head stash supply for the whole year can depend on just one harvest, so there’s no room for errors!

Insect and animal pests in the guerrilla grow

This plant will soon be planted out in the guerrilla garden