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gsc seeds

Gsc seeds

If you’re growing Girl Scout Cookies seeds, then you’re here for the THC. THC is the dominant cannabinoid found in this strain — and a lot of it. On average, Girl Scout Cookies contain 21% THC; however, this number can reach as high as 26% THC.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds – Strain ID:

The collective soon became known as Cookie Fam, and their quest to breed connoisseur-grade cannabis genetics went into full swing. In 2012, Cookie Fam struck gold by crossing OG Kush with an F1 Durban Poison, which resulted in Girl Scout Cookies.

The Appearance of Girl Scout Cookies:

Whether indoors or outdoors, Girl Scout Cookies seeds will perform as long as it receives room to branch out and ample light.

The flavors attained from Girl Scout Cookies are no less bracing, and you can expect a mouthful of freshly baked cookie dough, toned-down vanilla, raisins, and other-worldly citrus notes with each puff.


The aroma and flavor profile is the result of the dominant terpenes found in Girl Scout Cookies. Let’s take a look at the three dominant terpenes found in Girl Scout Cookies seeds.

When growing Girl Scout Cookies seeds indoors, it all depends on the size of your grow room. Girl Scout Cookies naturally grows up to 5 to 7-feet. You will need to incorporate training techniques to keep it from overtaking your grow room.

Indoors it might not seem, in principle, as hardy as outdoors, hovering around 1.25m on average. There is nothing to worry about because at the moment of truth, you will always grow an elegant bushy structure, with beautiful leaves in all growing conditions. However, indoors we recommend applying SCROG techniques in order to take advantage of its bushiest indoor trends and to maximise its performance.

What does it look like? We stand before a botanical beauty, with a solid slender structure outdoors, easily able to reach 150 cm in height. In the growth phase, it yields long strong stems full of dense buds, well-coated in with a luscious layer of resin. Observing its fascinating trichomes under the microscope could easily become your new hobby.


Not suitable for beginners as it requires an extra point of attention in its cultivation. The excellent end results make it worth any effort.

Under optimal conditions, the harvest can reach 450 gr/m2 indoors and 500 g/plant outdoors. Given its aromatic potency, we must emphasise that this strain requires the use of decent odour filters.

With 25% THC, our GSC is a sensory bomb that can take you to states of deep relaxation, but always leaving space for more euphoric and active states – a logical effect when you combine the best of the two worlds, the indica and the sativa.