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growing weed with led flood lights

Growing weed with led flood lights

If you’re not sure which LED company to use, I highly recommend…

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View video of this Eldorado plant by Endive
(check out Endive’s website)

Kind LED Grow Lights

Average Yields: 10-20+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields

Adding it up, I’m putting out about 1620 equivalent watts using less than 275 watts of electricity (according to the specs). They’re plenty bright, run very cool and my plants are doing well.

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Hey everyone, HLG is generously offering 3 pairs of Method Seven glasses (amazing eye protection for your grow) in a holiday giveaway!

Instead of buying a special grow light I came up with the idea to try LED floodlights with bulb splitters for this grow. I have three splitters that can use a total of 19 bulbs. I’m using a combination of 65w and 100w 3000k flood lights with some regular 100w 5000k LED bulbs sprinkled in. I bought the splitters and flood lights on eBay and Amazon for a low price and some 5000k bulbs at Walmart. Total cost was a little over a $100 including another splitter not shown and extra bulbs. What I like is the simplicity; no wiring, no power supply or drivers – if a bulb burns out, I can easily replace it. As the plant’s grew, I simply screwed in more bulbs.

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These are three Dinafem Bubba Kush autos and a 00 Seeds Afghan Mass auto at 40 days. Lots of buds are springing to life.

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