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growing weed plant in apartment

Growing weed plant in apartment

As the odor is pulled through the exhaust fan, the carbon works to eliminate the smell.

Before we look at the best way to set up a grow room in an apartment let’s take a look at one of the most significant concerns of building in an apartment: The smell.

These are inexpensive tents that you can set up in minutes.

Closet vs. Grow Tent vs. Grow Box

So, before you germinate your seeds and turn on your grow lights, make sure you’re allowed to grow indoors with whoever is in charge of your lease.

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Growing Weed in an Apartment: The Smell

It’s a nice confined space and will protect your plants from the eyes of unwanted guests.

If you live in a big city, more than likely you live in an apartment complex.

Growing weed plant in apartment

The first two weeks of July is when you should germinate and plant your third and last round of autoflowering plants, around 4 weeks before harvesting the second round. If you started the second stage in May, the fourth stage becomes the second and last round of autoflowering plants.

For cannabis plants to properly develop and produce a decent yield, they need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight and an uninterrupted period of darkness – this means you’ll need to have a balcony with no light contamination at night time such as street lamps or the lighting from your own house. This is generally one of the more complicated issues regarding growing weed in an apartment.

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If you have a space with more than 4 hours of direct sunlight and you’re sure that there’s no light contamination at night you can grow both feminized seasonal plants, regular plants as well as autoflowering strains.

Outdoor growing season starts as soon as spring arrives, although depending on where you live it may or may not be possible to start growing, this depends on the temperature and how hot the sun is. Regardless of this factor, we recommend growing various autoflowering plants (normal or XL) combined with a few seasonal plants that are either fast, early versions or normal flowering plants.

Fifth Stage:

Root pruning pots come in various different sizes, although the white ones are probably best for cannabis. They allow for air flow through the roots and keep them growing at a constant pace, although not as intensely as fabric pots.

You’ll also want to try and avoid the sun directly hitting your flowerpots if they’re dark in color; you can use cardboard, rocks or anything else that you can put around the flowerpot to keep it shaded.

Choosing the right flowerpot is incredibly important; there’s a difference between autoflowering pots and pots for normal plants, for example.

1. Controlling Light Schedules

This stage is for growers lucky enough to have a decent climate at the start of September; you can plant autoflowering plants and harvest towards the end of November, if your climate allows.

For normal light-dependant cannabis plants, you’ll need to chose your flowerpot size based on your available space and when you plan on planting them. If you have enough space to grow large plants from the start of the season, we recommend transplanting more than once, with the last transplant towards mid/end of July. If you don’t have much space, we recommend growing from June onwards and transplanting to 18L at most towards the start of July.

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Growing weed plant in apartment




Grow Box

When growing weed in an apartment building, using light-emitting diodes (LED) grow lights is your best option. While LEDs may cost more upfront, they can provide energy savings over the long run.

Indica strains are great for apartment grows. They usually grow short and bushy instead of tall and skinny like sativa plants. Autoflowering strains are also good since they grow shorter and faster than most strains and automatically flower after a few weeks without changing the lighting cycle.


Low Odor Strains

Here is why LEDs are great for an apartment garden.

Apartments vary in layout, square footage, and height. Choosing the right grow space for your cannabis requires considering various factors. Here are the most common places to grow weed in an apartment and their pros and cons.