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growing weed outdoors in containers

Environmentally friendly

How to set up your outdoor marijuana grow

Typically, outdoor growers will add amendments to soil when weed plants are transplanted outside. Outdoor amendments usually come in powder form that you mix in with soil.

Growing containers

Heavy clay soils drain slowly and don’t hold oxygen well, so they will need to be heavily amended. A few weeks before you plant, dig large holes where you’ll be placing your weed plants and mix in big amounts of compost, manure, worm castings, or other decomposed organic matter. This will provide aeration and drainage, as well as nutrients for the plants.

Growing weed outdoors in containers

Most novices begin with soil unless they’re looking to start a hydroponics grow. It’s a good idea to fill the container’s bottom with gravel or stones to improve drainage, too.

At the start of the cannabis plant’s life as a seed, you will need to germinate it. Following this process, you must carefully transplant the germinated seed(s) without breaking the fragile taproot. Place the seed carefully in the soil using a pair of tweezers. At this stage, you should be using a small plant pot – or even a solo cup!

What About the Growing Medium?

Clean Your Gardening Tools: The same applies to your gardening tools. The trichomes on marijuana can get sticky and jam up your shears, so make sure you’re cleaning all your tools regularly.

Don’t Re-Use Potting Soil: Although you might think you’re recycling by using your potting mix again, it’s not a good idea. First of all, all the soil nutrients are gone because the previous crop has used them. Secondly, plant pathogens can lurk in the soil, damaging your new crop.

Learn How to Pot and Transplant Correctly

Proper transplantation is vital to your plant’s health. When using container gardening, you will need to transplant your plant more than once.

Growing weed outdoors in containers

Make sure photoperiod plants don’t get light at night. A privacy fence or a hedge will block street lights pollution enough. No direct bright light at night is the ticket!

How much water do you give at a time?

I germinate seeds in RootRiot plugs (the extra michoryzae is nice!) I drop the seed in water(shot glass in a dark spot for a day or two usually) until the tap root pops out and is about half an inch long.

3.) Germinate your seeds and place in containers

Nursery pots are straight forward. Fill with loose soil to the rim, bang the pot lightly 2-3 times on the ground, add soil up to the rim again and that’s it.

How often do you water the plants?

Seeds (or clones)

4.) Water plants regularly

“B.T.” is an organic and OMRI certified insecticide that kills caterpillars but won’t hurt people, bees, animals or plants. It is safe to use on your plant up until the week of harvest. Get Monterey B.T. Ready-to-Use Spray on Amazon.

How to deal with caterpillars