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growing weed in tasmania

"We hope to harvest our first crop in August and we have contracts in place to export the finished product to Europe," Mr Roberts said.

"In the greenhouse we are using the latest ebb-and-flow tables, the fertigation system is fully contained within the facility, and recycling is a priority.

The greenhouse has taken the latest construction ideas from around the world to streamline the production of medicinal cannabis for the Australian and export market.

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"It's been very frustrating at times getting the permits and licences approved in a timely manner as the regulators have been overwhelmed with the interest in the industry," Mr Roberts said.

"This puts our company as one of the frontrunners in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry," Tasmanian Botanics managing director, Tony Roberts, said.

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"This is the first of three greenhouses we plan to build, and eventually the two future greenhouses will cover 10,000 square metres each."

It's the greenhouse that will make you green with envy but only a select few will be able to visit the Tasmanian Botanics processing facility — for security reasons.

Growing weed in tasmania

First time offenders with a small personal amount of cannabis may avoid criminal conviction.

With Canberra, ACT allowing people to grow marijuana for their personal use, do you know the cannabis limitations in Tasmania?

Medical marijuana laws

The medical marijuana is Tasmania is available for patient treatment, clinical studies and general research.

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The law around growing marijuana

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